The Paris Bakery Ina Garten Says You Shouldn't Miss

It's no secret that Ina Garten calls the Hamptons her home. After all, we've seen her go into town and visit her neighbors many times on "Barefoot Contessa." But did you know that the celebrity chef also has a home in Paris? In a recent Instagram post, Garten shared that whenever she goes to Paris, she no longer has to stay in a hotel because she and her husband now have their own place in the city. "Now my favorite bakery is a block from our apartment and I go there all the time. If someone had told me then how things would turn out, I simply wouldn't have believed it," Garten wrote in her caption.

Ina's favorite bakery, according to her post, is Poilâne, and she actually visited it in the Food Network special "Barefoot Contessa in Paris Part Deux." In an interview with Fodor's Travel, Garten also revealed that Poilâne is in close proximity to a cheese shop called Fromagerie Barthélemy, and Bon Marché, which contains a specialty food store. (Whenever she says "store-bought is fine" on the show, she's probably talking about these places.)

What should you order at Ina Garten's favorite bakery?

Poilâne currently has four locations in Paris and one in London, so if you're able to visit one of them, Ina Garten would surely recommend getting a loaf of their freshly baked sourdough bread, the bakery's signature recipe. In "Barefoot Contessa in Paris Part Deux," Garten and Apollonia Poilâne, the owner of Poilâne, used the famous sourdough to make pastrami tartines, or what Garten described as "a French sandwich with an American twist." As Garten explained, tartines are simply what the French call open-faced sandwiches, and of course pastrami is a commonly used deli meat in New York.

To make a pastrami tartine with Poilâne's sourdough bread, start by mixing together mayonnaise and whole grain mustard. Spread this on the toasted sourdough bread, then top it with pastrami, arugula, cornichons, and tomatoes. Slice it into bite-sized pieces, and it's ready to enjoy. Fortunately, Poilâne ships their bread internationally, so if you're craving a taste of Paris, you can order it online and make pastrami tartines at home.