10 Healthier Snack Brands That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

When you think of satisfying your sweet tooth, your mind likely jumps to processed foods like ice cream, candy, or cookies. While these foods taste great, too much high-sugar, processed dessert in your diet can lead to fatigue, acne, and worse (via Healthline). Someone along the way coined the term sweet tooth as another way of saying sugar craving. But no matter the name, when one strikes, what do you do if you want to avoid super processed foods?

While the writers here at Tasting Table identify as foodies, not doctors or dietitians, we know enough about nutrition to recognize that experts agree excess sugar contributes to many medical issues. So to be ready for our next case of a sugary urge, we went out to do what we do best; find delicious snacks you can feel good about purchasing and eating. If you like the finer snacks in life or, dare we say, the sweeter, this collection is for you. Even the most concious eaters enjoy a sweet treat once in a while, so try out these ten healthier snack brands that will satisfy your sweet tooth.


Speaking of excess sugar, our first healthier snack brand owner created her product as a way to combat a battle with the foodstuff while still enjoying one of her favorite treats, candy (via SmartSweets). Tara Bosch, the founder of SmartSweets, at first attempted to cut out sugar completely. Does this sound familiar? With so many of today's food products containing sugar, it can be challenging to get your sweet fix without the awful effects. Harvard Medical School cites a particular risk to cardiovascular health as one outcome of consuming too much sugar.

The ingredients' philosophy at SmartSweets is simple: "Kick Sugar, Keep Candy." This brand makes an effort to get rid of the artificial nonsense in confections and get back to the root of our favorite childhood treat. SmartSweet boasts up to a 92% reduction of sugar compared to conventional candies. And, the brand offers a wide variety of goodies, including plant-based, sour and sweet options. If you order online, you can even build a box of your favorites. We recommend trying the Sour Blast Buddies, Fruity Gummy Bears, or Sweet Fish. All contain less than 4 grams of sugar and will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. 


This next candy company has created low-sugar gummies that will make satisfying your sweet tooth easier and more nutritious. With Behave Candy, you don't have to ruin your diet or compromise your health goals to enjoy your favorite sweet snack. Behave kicked artificial ingredients to the curb when they partnered with real chefs to create their popular candies. Now, you can find Behave candies filled with flavors infused from lychee, passionfruit, and raspberry.

The founder of Behave, Mayssa Chehata, grew up in a household without sweets due to her father's diabetes. Mayssa says this led her to eat sugary treats in excess as a kid (via Forbes). Fast forward years later, and her love for treats merged with a desire to create a healthier low sugar style, and this led her to launch Behave. The Seriously Good Gummy Bears are just that — seriously good. We could not tell they were a healthier alternative and scarfed down the bag quicker than we would like to admit. If you want sour treats, the Sour Bears or Sour Stars provide a perfect amount of tart punch in every bite. We enjoyed all three, but the sweet gummies took the (low sugar) cake.


Nothing satisfies more than ice cream on a hot summer's day. Our next healthier dessert brings the nostalgia of buying an ice cream bar on a stick from your local ice cream truck. Yasso serves up Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars and sandwiches with ingredients you can feel good about. These low-calorie bars do not contain artificial sweeteners, and many flavors pack 5 grams of protein in each serving.

Many healthified ice cream companies neglect the taste or texture aspects when adjusting ingredients to be low calorie, higher protein, or pack in other nutritional benefits per pint. We can't agree with sacrificing the creaminess or flavor when it comes to ice cream. Yasso offers a silky, delicious recipe that makes every frozen bar, sandwich, and Poppable delicious and more beneficial than your standard frozen fare.

This brand converted us to frozen Greek yogurt fans so much so we may choose it over ice cream now. It's hard to pick a favorite Yasso flavor, but the Coffee Chocolate Chip Bars truly hit the spot. The coffee mocha taste makes you fall in love, especially with the addition of a perfect amount of chocolate chips.


Have you ever tried açaí? The powerful Amazonian superfood (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is antioxidant-rich and full of healthy omegas 3, 6, and 9. It is also low in naturally occurring sugars, making it a great option for a more nutritious snack that will satisfy your sweet tooth without putting you at risk of higher blood pressure (via Harvard Medical School). It can be hard to believe this sweet treat provides health benefits.

The founders of this Sambazon first tried açaí a few decades ago in Brazil and followed their experience by starting their company in the United States in 2000. Not only do we love the taste of açaí berries, but also how many ways we can enjoy the sweet fruit. Per Forbes, Sambazon grew in popularity with their açaí puree, sold in frozen blender packets. These packages make delicious smoothie bowls topped with fruit, nut butter, and more. The brand offers a wide variety of açaí focused snacks and desserts like smoothie pops and açaí bites.

The taste mimics a mixture of sweet fruits and dark chocolate. What could be better? We love eating Sambazon's açaí bowls for breakfast or grabbing a quick bite for a snack. It seems the rest of the world does, too. Global Ag Investing reports Sambazon has grown 20% in the last year alone.

Simple Mills

When it comes to choosing healthier snack brands, ingredients play a huge part in our decision. Simple Mills snack company puts ingredients at the forefront of its focus. The company even states, "We believe that if you don't recognize an ingredient, chances are your body won't either." We love this sentiment, and for this reason, Simple Mills earns inclusion on our healthier snack brand roundup. A flour blend of seeds and nuts like flax, cashew, watermelon, and sunflower is one common ingredient the brand relies on, along with coconut oil, which can have a reasonable place in many diets (via Harvard Medical School).

Simple Mills sells an incredible variety of snacks, baking mixes, and frostings, but when it comes to curbing your sweet tooth, we focus on the premade dessert offerings. Simple Mills sells cookies and Sweet Thins, a crisp treat that will satisfy your sugar craving and provide a delicious dessert you can feel good about eating at any time. If we had to pick a favorite, The Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies have a soft spot in our heart — pun intended. These cookies contain less sugar than your average baked treat, but you would never guess because they are perfectly sweet.


Our love for Greek yogurt continues with Clio Snacks. Clio Snacks offers biteable Greek yogurt bars for any occasion, including low-sugar and Greek Yogurt parfait options. As a Ukrainian immigrant to the United States, founder Sergey Konchakovskiy dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur (via Clio Snacks). An accidental push from his children, who were curious about Greek yogurt straining in their fridge, set off a lightbulb. Years later, Clio Bars are successfully finding their way to more grocery store shelves than ever (via Forbes).

We love Clio Snacks for the flavored yogurt center that comes wrapped in a chocolate coating. While we peg them for a healthier dessert alternative, these snacks don't lack convenience. Snackers can eat them whenever (and wherever) your sweet tooth strikes; on the way to work, after lunch, or late at night before bed. The Tasting Table house is divided on flavor favorites, but the Chocolate Greek Yogurt Bar ranks highly across the board. Although we love the taste of these creamy yogurt bars, we can not get behind the price. One box of the Chocolate Greek Yogurt has a quantity of ten bars but will set you back $18. Still, if you value healthier desserts and are willing to spend the money, this brand satisfies.

Rip Van Wafels

"It's Time for a Better Snack." The tagline for Rip Van Wafels says it all. This quote came to be when founders Rip and Marco wanted to diversify their dorm room snacks with something sweet but lower in sugar than conventional cookies. According to company information, the men used a storybook character from George Washington Irving as their inspiration for a company name because of the way the character emerged into a new, innovative world. Rip Van Wafels had awoken. The duo successfully created a low sugar and higher fiber food that will satisfy your urge for sweet delights.

Rip Van Wafels makes wafers and European-style wafles that hold enough sweetness to hold you over but not so much you'll be left with a sugar crash. The wafles represent more of a breakfast biscuit, while the wafers have a dark chocolate center more likely to satisfy a sugary craving. Sweet seekers of many dietary preferences can enjoy these snacks because the wafers and wafles are keto-friendly, vegan, low-glycemic, and kosher, to name a few of their biggest attributes. No matter which item you choose, you cannot go wrong with Rip Van Wafels.


If you have not caught on by now, these healthier snack brands have one thing in common, a commitment to providing better-for-you treats. Every brand does this differently, but LesserEvil is no exception. The company is on a mission to provide cleaner snacks. According to U.S. News, hyper-processed foods and snacks are more popular than ever, so it's encouraging to see brands like LesserEvil providing foods and treats you can feel good about eating.

When it comes to snacks that will satiate that toothsome desire, we cannot get enough of LesserEvil's cookies. The brand offers three flavors: Almond Butter Chocolate Chip, Birthday Cake, and Fudge Brownie. When the sweet tooth strikes, we will reach for any of these flavors, which have only 5 grams of sugar and the same amount of total fat. The LesserEvil Mini Cookies are keto and paleo-friendly and made with grain-free ingredients. This choice makes them edible for those with various dietary preferences or someone looking for a better choice of desserts. No matter your case, we recommend LesserEvil next time a sugar craving hits.


This next brand takes nutritious snacks to the next level by adding a supplement component. Sourse sells vitamin-infused dark chocolate bites that make self-care easier (and tastier) than ever. This healthier snack brand will help you when a sugar craving arises and will also guide you along on your wellness journey.

We taste-tested the Glow Bites, which claim to hydrate and plump skin thanks to an infusion of collagen. Unfortunately, while we didn't notice huge growth in our skin, we did see that the serving size is much smaller than our other favorite candies. Eat only two per day to avoid a dark chocolate-induced stomach ache.

Sourse bites both curbed our sweet tooths and left us wanting more. Thankfully, the smaller serving size helped us ration these chocolates for longer. Overall, we loved the taste and could not even tell it was a supplement. Our only gripe would be the price, coming in at $34 for two small bags. With varieties of bites that contain nootropic promoting B12 vitamins, some may find the price is worth it.


Bare Snacks might not be the first or flashiest brand to come to mind when you think of healthier snack labels that will satisfy your sweet tooth. However, the quiet ones are often more surprising. Bare Snacks uses the ripest fruit to bake up perfectly created chip snacks that are lightly sweet and heavy with flavor. Of course, Bare makes real ingredients a priority. Many Bare bags contain no added sugar, gluten, or added fat.

While not mimicking a chocolate chip cookie or a piece of candy, Bare Snacks still provides the right amount of sweetness when it's time for dessert. The brand offers an orchard full of fruity choices ranging from Fuji & Reds Apple Chips to Cinnamon Banana Chips and a chocolate coconut variety. Something about eating dried produce from a bag feels more fun and snack-like than just grabbing a piece of fruit out of the fridge.

We love the simplistic nature of these snacks and the subtle sweetness that comes in every bite. Bare snack brand is one of our favorites for traveling because fruit can easily spoil and stink up a bag or cooler.