This Waffle Iron Tip Could Change The Way You Reheat Pizza

Ordering a fresh hot pizza and pulling a gooey slice off of the pie, maneuvering the slice to your mouth in a movement unique to only pizza (and also maybe tacos), is one of the greatest joys you could ever know. Pizza is easily accessible, normally fairly affordable, and because of the many options that have come into play in recent years (including vegan and gluten-free options), pizza accommodates most every dietary restriction out there.

But the real fun comes when you've got leftovers. No matter which way you slice it, seeing a cold leftover opens up a world of possibilities: You could eat it cold (the most desperate choice, but a good one nonetheless) or you could go the route of a true connoisseur and get out your waffle iron. According to Real Simple, all you have to do is sandwich your pizza between a couple pieces of parchment paper, place it into the waffle maker, and let the kitchen appliance work its magic.

Why the waffle?

Aside from the cool boxy pattern that will make all your friends jealous, the waffle iron is actually a great way to get your pizza hot and crispy again without swinging too far to the wet or dry possibilities. Microwaving heats up the water molecules in your pizza and can make it soggy, while baking your pizza in an oven or toaster oven runs the risk of drying it out. You don't want a waterlogged slice and you don't want a burnt cracker either.

Waffle irons do a decent job of containing all the ingredients and can reliably heat up your pizza evenly nailing the perfect middle between soggy and dry, per Today. Make sure to flip the waffle iron once or twice to get an even heat and don't be afraid to add extra ingredients to it as well. This pizza is your canvas and waffle iron is your paint — or maybe it's actually closer to your easel. Either way, it might be time to invest in a waffle maker if you don't have one already.