Bobby Flay Uses This Secret Ingredient In Salad Dressing

Bobby Flay certainly knows his way around a kitchen. The American chef and television personality is best known for his appearances on the Food Network, and was one of the original competitors in Iron Chef, sites Brittanica. So, when Flay has a secret involving recipes, we listen. According to the Food Network, The Beat Bobby Flay star says he adds a secret ingredient to salad dressings, and it's not what you may think. On the Food Network site, Bobby Flay says, "I love to use it to balance out salad dressings." Why would a salad dressing need balancing?

Creamy and vinaigrette salad dressings require a balance between salt, sweet, and acid, shares Clean Eating Mag. They also need added fat such as olive oil, yogurt, or mayonnaise. Clean Eating Mag suggests that the balance between these elements ensures you have a tasty salad dressing full of harmonious tang, brightness, and sweetness. If you're wondering exactly how Bobby Flay incorporates his secret ingredient in salads, you're in luck. Here are all the sweet details.

What Is The Secret Ingredient?

Bobby Flay's secret salad dressing ingredient is pomegranate molasses, shares the Food Network. Pomegranate molasses may not be an ingredient with which you are familiar. According to Allrecipes, it consists of pomegranate juice that is cooked to a thickened viscosity. The thickened juice is used for condiments, instead of as a sweetener like you'd expect. The site shares that pomegranate molasses tastes more sour than sweet.

If you're not up for the challenge of making your own molasses, Taste of Home says you can find this ingredient in the international food aisle of most supermarkets. It can also be easily found at Middle Eastern food stores, says Taste of Home.

In addition to salad dressing, pomegranate molasses makes a tasty ingredient in many other recipes. BBC Good Food sites many delicious recipes that call for the element, such as chicken with Brazil nuts and pomegranate, walnut cake with pomegranate molasses frosting, and pomegranate oysters, to name a few.