The Simple Way To Use Floss For Perfect Cinnamon Rolls

Typically, dental floss is reserved for after the meal, but this simple hack will have you keeping a spool handy in a kitchen drawer for pre-meal prep as well. This is because the unassuming dental hygiene tool, that's only used by about a third of the population, works great as a baking accessory to help create the perfect, pillowy-soft cinnamon rolls.

According to the King Arthur Baking Company, using dental floss to cut your cinnamon rolls helps them to better keep their shape. Cinnamon rolls are known as a fairly simple baked good, but slicing can sometimes be a challenge. A perfect cinnamon roll should bake up to be fluffy. Crunching your rolls down with a knife can flatten out the shape of the dough, and prevent them from reaching the full potential. Trying to carve through them can also cause unseemly tears and rips. Those cuts are going to be the tops and bottoms of every roll, and you don't want them to look like they were ripped by hand.

The King Arthur Baking Company found that the easiest way to avoid this is to use dental floss instead. When used correctly, dental floss applies an even pressure to the roll as it cuts it, helping them keep their shape and come out looking beautifully.

How to cut cinnamon rolls with dental floss

King Arthur Baking recommends using an unflavored dental floss that won't affect the final taste of your cinnamon rolls. It might be nice to have a minty scent while flossing your teeth, but it's the last thing you want for cinnamon rolls. Once the dough has been rolled up into a long tube shape, all you have to do is slide the floss underneath, cross the strands over the top, and pull; There are some videos on YouTube if you need a visual aid, or just enjoy watching the satisfying slice of dental floss through a cinnamon roll.

Now that you've got that dental floss on hand, why stop there? Yummly recommends using floss to slice into all sorts of delicate and difficult desserts. Cheesecakes can be a pain to slice perfectly with a knife because they tend to end up sticky and messy after each slice. But with dental floss, there's less surface area for your dessert to cling on. The cake is soft enough for the floss to easily do the job, and help that showstopper dessert get the final presentation it deserves. They also recommend using it to slice through rolled goat cheese, cookie doughs, and to slice cakes into layers.

Armed with dental floss, nothing can stop you from mastering a classic cinnamon roll, raspberry cinnamon rolls, red velvet cinnamon rolls, and vegan cinnamon rolls with ease.