Over 700 Pounds Of Dole Chicken Caesar Salad Are Being Recalled

Premade salad bowls may be a convenient and tasty lunch option, but if your go-to is chicken Caesar salad, you might want to be extra careful. According to a report issued by the Food Safety Inspection Service of the USDA, 717 pounds of Dole FRESH Takes Classic Chicken Caesar Salad has been recalled by its producer Safeway Fresh Food. The recall doesn't affect all Dole FRESH Takes Classic Chicken Caesar Salads, but specifically ones marked with lot code S109000 1, use-by date of May 5, 2022, and establishment number 40283 — all of which can be found on top of the bowl.

The salads are being recalled not because of cross-contamination or risk of foodborne illness (as was the case in another Dole salad recall from this year) but rather incorrect labeling. As shown in a picture of the recalled product shared by the USDA, the ingredients and nutrition label on the bottom of the bowl is actually for the brand's candied walnut and grape salad. Because the chicken Caesar salad contains known allergens — including anchovies, egg, and wheat — they must be declared on the product label. And since the legally required information is missing, the product is subject to a recall.

The recalled Dole chicken Caesar salads were sold in six states

The Dole FRESH Takes Classic Chicken Caesar Salads affected by the recall were distributed to retailers in Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, so if you're a Caesar salad fan in any of those six states you may want to double-check the labels of any ready-to-eat bowls you recently bought. If the lot code, use-by date, and establishment number on your salad all match the ones shared by the USDA (and listed above), the government agency is advising you simply throw the product away or bring it back to the store you bought it from.

If, however, you have already consumed the mislabeled salad and experienced adverse reactions to the unreported allergens, the USDA advises contacting a healthcare provider immediately. Once again, the potential allergens not listed on the Dole FRESH Takes Classic Chicken Caesar Salads are wheat, anchovies, and egg.