Over 30,000 Pounds Of Grilled Chicken Breasts Are Being Recalled

Top Food Info is letting us all in on a little-known secret about pre-cooked food being served at many restaurants. Fast-food joints and restaurants with big menus often buy pre-made food to ensure that diners get their food quickly and their dishes taste the same every time. When a large poultry producer got a recent complaint that their ready-to-eat product looked undercooked, the USDA says that the company recalled 30,285 chicken breasts.

Wayne Farms, LLC., is the seventh-largest poultry producer in the U.S. with a large facility in Decatur, Alabama. The company processes over 2.6 billion pounds of chicken annually, selling raw poultry and pre-cooked products to distributors, restaurants, and retail stores. A customer complaint regarding a seemingly undercooked product from the company's line of All Natural Fire Grilled Chicken Breasts prompted the recall.

Despite the fact that there have been no reported illnesses or injuries from the undercooked chicken, the Food Safety and Inspection Service has classified the recall as "high risk." This label indicates a health hazard that can cause serious illness or death. Wayne Farms says that the questionable chicken breast was shipped to a food distributor in Illinois that sent the product out to restaurants. Distributors and restaurants that use this product are being asked to immediately discontinue use, throw it out, or return it.

What to know about the recalled poultry products

Ready-to-eat chicken products that are undercooked can cause severe illness and sometimes death when unknowingly consumed. Consumer safety is of the utmost importance to the USDA and Wayne Farms, and that's why both agencies are asking food distributors and customers to get rid of two prepared poultry products that may be undercooked.

Wayne Farms has recalled its 9-lb case with eight packages of 6-oz All Natural Fire Grilled Chicken Breast with a use-by date of 5/30/22. It also recalls its 9-lb case with 12 packages of 4-oz All Natural Fire Grilled Chicken Breast with a use-by date of 6/19/22. The products are marked with an establishment number appearing as "EST. 20214." The farm asks distributors and restaurants that buy its product to check their refrigerators and freezers for the ready-to-eat chicken to ensure that it is disposed of and not served.

Consumers and customers with questions can Frank Singleton of Wayne Farms at 678-316-4237 or email at fes01@att.net. Food safety questions can also be directed to the USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline at 888-674-6854 or via other contact options at Ask USDA.