How Wax Paper Can Make Decorating Cakes Easy

Home bakers who love to watch baking competitions and the shows of professional bakers might not realize just how tricky making and decorating such confectionary creations can be. While those who have gone on to compete on Netflix's "Nailed It!" can attest to the fact that decorating cakes isn't easy, even though the pros make it look like a beautiful piece of cake, there is a secret tool you most likely already have in your kitchen: wax paper. But this goes beyond the classic tip of placing small pieces under your cake before icing to keep the cake plate or stand clean (via The Pioneer Woman). 

According to baking supply giant, Wilton, one of the most impressive yet easiest tricks you can do with wax paper is to use it for a transfer. Wilton explains that you can use a pattern or trace a design on wax paper, pipe buttercream onto the design using the colors and tips that you would like, then freeze the buttercream on a baking sheet until it is hard. Next, all you have to do is pipe and spread the background color you want behind the design over the hardened buttercream and return it to the freezer until it too has hardened. Once it is firm, slowly wrap the design icing side to the cake and carefully peel the wax paper away to leave the buttercream design on the cake.

You can also use these wax paper tricks

While using wax paper to make a buttercream transfer — or even a chocolate collar — to wrap your cake in a beautiful, clean design is a great technique to know, it isn't the only trick you should use. According to British Girl Bakes, there are several more ways you can make the most of wax paper for cake designs. One of the best tips is to use wax paper to block off any part of an already frosted cake that you want to keep clean while you dust certain sections with cocoa powder, powdered sugar, or even sprinkles. You can even use this technique to make shapes on the frosting to fill in with such toppings. 

Another great trick that you have likely seen professionals use is piping flowers onto small squares of wax paper. Using this method, you can turn the paper as you need to build up the flower petals in a natural way. Then, once the icing has dried, you can easily remove the flowers from the wax paper and place them onto the cake. 

Reach for the roll of wax paper the next time you are baking. You just might find a new sense of inspiration.