This Mixer Hack Will Transform Your Store-Bought Icing

When it comes to baking, homemade is generally more favorable than store-bought. While it's a lot more convenient to use a boxed mix, most people would much rather eat baked goods made from scratch. The same goes for store-bought frosting, which is often gluey, overly sweet, and doesn't look quite as presentable when spread.

If you don't have time to whip up a fresh batch of icing but still want homemade results, you're in luck. According to Taste of Home, a little bit of whipping action goes a long way in improving the texture and taste of store-bought frosting.

The hack is as simple as it gets. Just empty a can of icing into a mixing bowl, mix using either an electric or stand mixer with a whisk attachment, and let it work its magic. You'll see your store-bought frosting transform before your eyes. It will become light and fluffy, closely resembling the homemade kind.

What happens when you whip store-bought frosting?

It might seem too good to be true for canned icing to turn into perfection after only a few minutes in the mixing bowl. But after putting the hack to the test, Better Homes & Gardens confirmed its effectiveness. The reason it works, the publication explained, is because whipping incorporates more air into the mixture. As a result, the frosting becomes much lighter, fluffier, and easier to spread with more air trapped inside.

Whipping also doubles the amount of frosting. If you try to frost a multi-layer cake with a single can, you'll have difficulty trying to stretch the icing. But by whipping it, you'll end up with a lot more frosting to work with without having to reach for a second can. And since the icing doubles in size, the usual sickeningly sweet taste of store-bought frosting balances out. Overall, if you're planning to use store-bought frosting for your next recipe, take the extra step and run it through the mixture. It's definitely worth the effort.