Gorton's Fish Sandwiches Are Being Recalled In 6 States

The most annoying part of preparing fish is digging the bones out of the fillet before cooking it. Many people ask their butcher to debone their fish or head straight to the freezer section and pick out seafood that has already been prepared. But even a big seafood brand like Gorton's can't always get all the bones out, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that's why the company has recalled packages of its fish fillets.

Gorton's Seafood, the makers of many frozen fish products sold in those iconic yellow boxes, is recalling 504 packages of Gorton's Fish Sandwich 100% Whole Fillets, 18.3 oz because they might contain dangerous bone fragments. No injuries have been reported, but Gorton's wants to ensure consumer safety by recalling the product that potentially poses a choking risk.

The whole fish fillets were shipped to and distributed in New York, Vermont, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Puerto Rico. All grocery retailers selling this product have been asked to remove the items from their shelves.

Gorton's claims the presence of bone fragments was 'isolated and unusual'

The only thing more recognizable than those yellow boxes of seafood is the company's slogan encouraging consumers to "trust the Gorton's fisherman." Gorton's Seafood doesn't want to endanger shopper's confidence in its products and has issued a voluntary recall of its fish sandwich fillets, as they might contain large bones and sharp fragments.

Founded in 1849 in Gloucester, Maryland, Gorton's was one of the first companies to make seafood convenient by offering many popular preparations in grocer's freezers. The company is also committed to fishing sustainably while providing consumers with products that are easy to prepare and safe to consume. The company says that the presence of bone fragments in its sandwich fillets is an "isolated and unusual" incident.

Consumers who purchased the 18.3 oz package of Gorton's Fish Sandwich 100% Whole Fillets need to check their product for the UPC: 0 44400 15440 6, date code: 2060F2, and time range: 15:30-17:30. These specific sandwich fillets are the only Gorton's product that is part of the recall and should be discarded. Consumers with recalled products can contact Gorton's at 1-888-573-5982, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST.