Din Tai Fung Just Gave You One More Reason To Plan A Trip To Disney

If you ever visited the Disney theme parks as a kid — or even if you've been to one recently — you might think of traditional amusement park snacks and treats when it comes to the food. From churros to corn dogs to nachos, per the Infatuation, Disneyland certainly dishes out plenty of fried and tasty treats. But the park (which spans more than 500 acres, according to Park Savers) also boasts an impressive selection of fine dining restaurants ... perhaps as consolation to parents who want to sit down to a nice meal after a long day of walking around in the sun.

Some of the dining options currently available for those looking to have a slightly more fancy experience include Carthay Circle Restaurant, located in the California Adventure park, and Napa Rose, which can be found at Disney's Grand California Hotel & Spa (via Disneyland). And soon, foodies will have an extra incentive to visit the park, with the opening of a new location of Din Tai Fung, the famous Shanghai-style soup dumpling restaurant with more than 170 locations around the globe.

Visitors are sure to line up for these famous xiao long bao

If past Disney visitors' habits are any indication, then there will surely be lines to get into Disneyland's soon-to-open location of Din Tai Fung to get a taste of its xiao long bao. (After all, if they're willing to queue hours for a souvenir popcorn bucket, then they'll more than likely line up for what could be considered the world's most famous soup dumplings.) Established in Taiwan in the 1970s, Din Tai Fung is known for its large, exquisitely pleated dumplings that are full of perfectly hot minced pork and broth (via HuffPost). The restaurant is of course also bringing its other popular dim sum dishes with it to the Downtown Disney shopping and dining district, which is currently being expanded and improved, according to the Disney Parks Blog.

As reported by the Orange County Register, the upcoming changes were announced yesterday during a State of the Disneyland Resort presentation. "This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what will be coming," Ken Potrock, Disneyland Resort's president, stated. Additional fine dining changes at Downtown Disney include Paseo and Centrico, which will be taking the place of Catal and Uva Bar. Both will feature chef Carlos Gaytan's signature Mexican cuisine, which has earned the chef a Michelin star (via Chicago Gourmet).