Here's How Many People Living In The US Actually Eat Canned Chili

Nothing beats a spoonful of warm chili drizzled over a grilled hotdog or atop corn chips and chili pie. Canned chili is a favorite food for many people all around the U.S. It is a food staple that many of us grew up eating, a quick food to prepare on busy weeknights. It is the perfect accompaniment to burgers, fries, and other foods. Canned chili, whether it contains beans, beef, or other tasty ingredients, is loved by people all over America. The pandemic, however, has changed the way America eats canned chili and many other foods.

According to statistics collected from the U.S. Census and Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS) calculated by Statistica, 125.34 million Americans consumed ready-made or canned chili in the year 2020. This number is projected to increase to 128.27 million in 2024. According to Market Watch, the Covid pandemic accounts for these canned chili market statistics. In short, canned chili is easy-to-make, affordable, and is a beloved American classic that can be souped-up or gobbled down with few ingredients. And considering how much food costs these days — that's a good thing.

Increasing Food Prices

Why is this number projected to increase within the next few years? During the Covid lock-down, people stayed home and chose to consume less expensive food options. According to UNICEF, the lockdown, decrease in income, and travel restrictions led to food price increases due to shipping delays and shortages. As a result, many people have resorted to purchasing cheaper, less healthy foods, and some have sadly resorted to eating less. Stacey DeBroff, founder and CEO of Influence Central, reported the findings of a survey conducted by Influence Central to Food Manufacturing. The survey found that 72% of American consumers visited the grocery store less often during Covid-19, and 56% of people are worried that stores won't have specific foods they need. The U.S. Department of Agriculture predicts that food prices will continue to rise in 2022.

The food epidemic hasn't just affected the United States, either. According to a brief published by the Food and Agriculture Organization, "food insecurity" affected nearly 2.37 billion people around the globe in the year 2020. This report was gathered from statistics from The World Health Organization, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the World Food Programme, and other partners.

Canned chili is a satisfying and inexpensive meal containing beans, beef, and a tomato base. The "meal-in-a-can" is consumed by billions of people every year. Whether the pandemic affects your shopping habits or not, canned chili will always be a popular and affordable food choice enjoyed around the globe.