Carvel Just Introduced A New Flavor Of Its Popular Crunchies Topping

If you're a fan of soft serve ice cream, then chances are you've sampled Carvel in your day. According to lore, this well known soft serve maker actually invented the treat in 1934, when the ice cream truck belonging to Greek immigrant Athanasios Thomas Karvelas — later known as Tom Carvel — got a flat tire, causing Karvelas to serve soft, half-melted ice cream that customers loved (via Ellinas).

A tirelessly inventive businessman and creator, Carvel went on to establish fun, funky treats at his growing ice cream brand, including Flying Saucers, two chocolate wafers sandwiching vanilla or chocolate soft serve (via Carvel). Today, Carvel continues to serve playful confections such as its famous Fudgie the Whale ice cream cake, which owes its magic to a thick layer of Crunchies, Carvel's signature cookie crumbs that add crunch to its array of frozen treats. 

Typically available in chocolate and vanilla varieties, a new Crunchies flavor has just joined the lineup.

Strawberry Crunchies are now available nationwide

If you love soft serve ice cream chain Carvel's delectable Crunchies, then you're in luck: The crispy cookie crumbs that add texture to the chain's cones, sundaes, and ice cream cakes are now available in a strawberry flavor, in addition to vanilla and chocolate. According to a press release, the fruity Crunchies can be ordered starting today, and have been included in a lineup of new frozen desserts that go heavy on strawberry flavor.

New choices featuring the fruity Crunchies include a Strawberry Dasher, Carvel's version of a to-go sundae, featuring vanilla soft serve layered with strawberry Crunchies and strawberries topped with whipped cream, as well as the classic choice of a chocolate or vanilla Flying Saucer whose edges are rolled in the new Crunchies.

"Strawberry is one of our most popular flavors, and we knew putting a familiar twist on Crunchies, a classic that has been an integral part of Carvel's history, would be perfect for making new memories at all types of celebrations, 'or Carvel-ebrations,' this spring," Jessica Osborne, the brand's vice president of marketing, wrote in the release. "We heard our fans who asked us for even more delicious opportunities to enjoy their favorite tastes through new offerings, and we are excited to continue to be a part of their life moments with our lineup of Strawberry Crunchies-filled treats."