Why Country Time Is Being Sued Over Its Lemonade Powder

With summer fast approaching, you'll soon want nothing more than an ice-cold glass of lemonade. But according to one man's recently filed lawsuit, a popular brand of the beloved beverage is currently the source of some controversy.

According to CBS 42, DeMarcus Rodgers of Bessemer, Alabama filed the class-action lawsuit against Kraft Heinz Foods, claiming that its 19-ounce canisters of Country Time powdered lemonade contain less of the mix than is advertised. Specifically, Country Time's lemonade and pink lemonade packaging claim that each canister contains enough mix to make eight quarts of lemonade — but Rodgers says that the container only had enough for six quarts of the beverage when made correctly according to package instructions.

Country Time lemonade is made by adding the powdered mix to water, and for quantities greater than one quart, customers are supposed to measure the mix using the canister's lid, reported Food & Wine. Per the publication, the lawsuit claims that when Rodgers followed these instructions, the resulting lemonade had a "diluted" taste.

Why is Rodgers filing the class-action lawsuit?

Rather than a one-time fluke, the lawsuit claims that Kraft Heinz was engaging in deceptive practices with respect to its lemonade and pink lemonade products. Per CBS 42, the lawsuit claims that Kraft Heinz violated two specific consumer protection laws: the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and the Alabama Deceptive Trade Practices Act. As a result, the lawsuit is reportedly seeking three times "actual damages" for the plaintiff and anyone else affected by the alleged false advertising. Additionally, the plaintiff hopes Kraft Heinz will be ordered to change its practices moving forward and give up any profits earned from the lemonade canisters in question.

Kraft Heinz, meanwhile, categorically denies the lawsuit's claims, arguing that Rodgers' allegations are false. "We are aware of the lawsuit, but believe it lacks any merit," wrote a spokesperson from the company in a statement emailed to Food & Wine. "We will strongly defend against the allegations."