Turkey Hill Is Recalling Its Chocolate Marshmallow Ice Cream. Here's Why

With warmer weather on the way, there's just nothing quite like a scoop or cone of ice cream when the craving for sweets hits. Whether you're indulging in a home-churned ice cream such as peppermint or dairy-free chocolate or opting for one of the many excellent supermarket brands that are available, the rich, creamy, cooling dessert is a summertime favorite.

For those poking around grocery store freezers, the Turkey Hill ice cream brand is an American classic. Founded more than 85 years ago in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Turkey Hill started as a small door-to-door milk delivery founded by Armor Frey. Purchased by Frey's sons in 1947, the dairy vastly expanded its ice cream production in 1980, and is today known for its down-home flavors such as Black Cherry, Fudge Ripple, and Orange Cream Swirl (via Turkey Hill).

One of the brand's best-selling flavors, Chocolate Marshmallow, features chocolate ice cream shot through with ribbons of marshmallow — but as announced last week by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), select 48-ounce containers of that flavor were recently recalled by the brand due to possible contamination by the common allergen peanuts.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup may have made its way into some Chocolate Marshmallow containers

In one of those manufacturing errors that are often responsible for the recall of food items, Turkey Hill Dairy of Conestoga, Pennsylvania is recalling certain 48-ounce tubs of its Chocolate Marshmallow ice cream due to the possible presence of undeclared peanuts, which are a common allergen and can cause life-threatening reactions when consumed by those with a true allergy. According to an announcement published by the FDA, a customer contacted Turkey Hill after finding its Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup ice cream in containers labeled as Chocolate Marshmallow. According to the announcement, the affected tubs may have been filled with the wrong ice cream flavor during production.

As of yet, no illness or reaction has been reported to Turkey Hill as a result of the mixup, but if you purchased Chocolate Marshmallow and you have a peanut allergy, go ahead and check your ice cream container. The recall applies to tubs with the UPC code 020735420935 and the sell-by date of March 2, 2023, which is found on the bottom of the package. Grocery stores that stock Turkey Hill have been instructed to remove the affected ice cream from their freezers, and customers can return this product to the place of purchase for a full refund.