The Impressive Party Trick Hiding In Your Bottle Of Tonic

Say goodbye to shelling out additional dollars for your next party's decor. Unknowingly, your next party theme could be hiding in your favorite cocktail mixer — and all you need is a black light. If you're looking to throw an evening party and want to take on a club or lounge vibe, swap out neon bracelets and glow lights for a glow-in-the-dark cocktail (without all the unnecessary chemicals). Not to worry, this isn't some obscure cocktail mixer no one has heard of; it may already be on your menu or in your pantry.

So what's this mysterious cocktail mixer? Believe it or not, tonic water! Per Scientific American, this sweet and fizzy mixer not only pairs wonderfully with gin or vodka but makes your entire room glow when placed under black lighting. Opt to serve your beverages with a clear glass, put on an upbeat playlist, and watch your party get an instant upgrade with every pour and sip.

So why does tonic water glow?

What magic inside tonic water makes it glow when seen under black light? The answer is the ingredient quinine. According to Scientific American, each tonic water bottle has enough quinine to emit a glowing blue light. Traditionally found in the bark of a cinchona tree, quinine is what gives the tonic its traditional tart taste.

If tonic water glows, can it be safe? The simple answer is yes, tonic water is safe. While it's not recommended to drink tonic water in large quantities because of sugar content (each serving can have 30 grams of sugar, according to Verywell Fit), when it comes to safety from quinine — each cocktail has healthy low levels. Believe it or not, quinine was FDA-approved to treat malaria. While the small traces in tonic water are too small to combat any mosquito-borne illness, it proves your favorite glow-in-the-dark cocktail mixer is safe for a drink or two.

Now, it's time to light up your party — literally and figuratively. Serve up a festive gin tonic or vodka tonic (while drinking responsively), and witness your cocktails glow.