Trader Joe's New Vegan Ravioli Has Shoppers Excited

Vegan Trader Joe's fans have something to celebrate this week as the popular grocery chain released a new plant-based product designed to take your pasta night to the next level. The Instagram account Trader Joe's List shared the news of the new animal product-free ravioli's release, posting a photo with the caption: "For those who are vegan and those who love ravioli! [Trader Joe's] newest ravioli is imported from Italy and stuffed with a velvety cashew filling!"

Within hours of the post going live, the photo racked up over 7,000 likes and hundreds of comments from excited shoppers, like one person who wrote, "Omg!!! Cannot wait to try this," and another who commented, "Finally!!! Dairy free people like ravioli too."

The new Trader Joe's Vegan Spinach and Cashew Ravioli, which retails for $3.99, features thin stuffed pasta with a plant-based "velvety cashew filling" made with spinach, cashews, and toasted wheat crumbs. The vegan ravioli is the grocer's first plant-based stuffed pasta, joining popular non-vegan options like Ricotta and Lemon Zest ravioli, Cacio e Pepe ravioli, and ricotta and spinach-stuffed tortellini on store shelves.

The Instagram account Big Box Vegan also celebrated the release of the spinach ravioli with a video and review of the new product. "As a 27 year vegan, I personally loved them," the content creator wrote. "If you're expecting a fully stuffed ricotta cheese style ravioli then you might be disappointed but I thought they were solid and would definitely buy again."

The Trader Joe's vegan ravioli retails for $3.99

The plant-based influencer also gave a tip for serving the raviolis, writing: "Of course you need to have flavor in your sauce and in my case, I sautéed mushrooms and asparagus in garlic and oil and mixed it with the ravioli." Big Box Vegan encouraged fans to give the dairy-free pasta a try, with a reminder that "TJs has a great return policy and satisfaction guarantee so you can always bring them back if they're not your thing."

The animal rights organization PETA also shared the news of the vegan ravioli's release in a blog post, advising plant-based eaters to "toss this ravioli with one of the vegan-friendly marinara sauces in the pantry aisle, or keep it simple with some olive oil and vegan Parmesan."

Although the vegan ravioli has yet to be listed on the Trader Joe's website, shoppers have spotted the new product at stores across California and Florida. Meanwhile, some disappointed TJs fans took to Instagram to note that they had yet to find the pasta, with one shopper writing: "We asked [about the ravioli] yesterday and they basically said they had NO idea if they would get it or when."

While it's unclear when the vegan spinach ravioli will be rolled out to all Trader Joe's locations nationwide, Big Box Vegan urged herbivores to call their local store to check if the pasta is in stock.