Insomnia Cookies Is Going All In For 4/20

If you're a fan of cannabis, then you might very well be gearing up for April 20, the unofficial holiday of stoners across the world — but why? Steven Hager, a former editor of High Times, told the New York Times that the tradition was supposedly started by a group of California teenagers in the 1970s who got together each afternoon at 4:20 p.m. to smoke. As their ritual was adopted by others, 420 came to be a code name for the drug. Eventually, people began celebrating the activity far and wide on the 20th day of the fourth month of the year ... aka 4/20.

Whatever the holiday's true origins, you can imagine that on the day snacking is as ubiquitous as the act of smoking itself. And to satisfy those pot-induced cravings — or munchies, as they're commonly known — Insomnia Cookies will be offering four special options.

Cookie nachos, Big Dippers, and more

For fans of Mary Jane who plan on celebrating 4/20 (or even those with a mean cookie craving, inebriated or not), Insomnia Cookies has announced a special lineup of munchies-themed treats for the annual holiday. In a press release, the company shared news of four snack packs that will be available at its brick-and-mortar locations from April 20 through April 25. The line-up includes its Baked to Perfection 12-pack; Munchie Style Cookie Nachos; Munchie Style Big Dippers; and Munchie Style Lil' Dippers. (The Baked to Perfection pack is already available, if you can't wait until next week).

Insomnia Cookies' Baked to Perfection is simply a box of 12 cookies in your choice of classic flavors — including chocolate chunk, snickerdoodle, and peanut butter chip — packed up in a cute box featuring a smiley face that looks, well, under the influence. The Cookie Nachos features a sweet-and-salty combo of 18 mini chocolate chunk cookies drizzled with cookie butter and caramel sauces, then topped with crumbled potato chips and pretzels.

A box of Munchie Style Big Dippers includes four classic cookies of your choice ready for dipping in either buttercream or cream cheese icing topped with crushed potato chips and pretzels, while the Munchie Style Lil' Dippers box contains 12 mini chocolate chunk cookies instead. Depending on how hard you celebrate, you might want to put the company on speed dial.