Aldi Shoppers Are Confused By Its Ghee Cooking Spray Ingredients

If you love bargains — and who doesn't? — you may have browsed the aisles of your local Aldi, the German-founded grocery store chain that's known for its low prices and wide selection of items ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables to wine to European-style breads. Since coming to America back in 1976, the chain has been steadily expanding its U.S. presence, now counting more than 2,000 stores in 36 states (via Aldi).

Much like the grocery store chain Trader Joe's, Aldi has built up quite the fan base over the years, with its very own subreddit discussing offerings, such as oat milk and scented candles, as well as a few product-tracking accounts on Instagram, including Aldi Favorite Finds and Aldi For President. And recently, those two accounts both shared images of a new ghee cooking spray that's now available in stores — and shoppers seem a bit confused by what's in it.

Aldi shoppers are skeptical about this ghee 'blend'

If you've ever cooked with ghee, then you know that this clarified butter that's a staple in Indian cuisine has a golden color and nutty flavor that lends itself nicely to brushing over hot naan and tossing with crispy popcorn. Due to its high smoke point, ghee is also a wonderful option for high-temperature cooking, making it a natural choice for searing and sautéing as well as seasoning your woks and pans. According to Instagram accounts Aldi Favorite Finds and Aldi For President, the Aldi grocery store chain is now offering a Ghee Blend Cooking Spray for ghee lovers — and it seems like "blend" is the operative word.

Both accounts shared photos of the new Aldi item, manufactured by Carlini, and right under the product's name, the words "Made with Sunflower and Grapeseed Oil" appear. The ingredients list, shared by Aldi for President, read, "Ghee, Sunflower Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Soy Lecithin, and Propellant Gas."

Shoppers who would prefer more ghee and less oil don't seem thrilled about the added ingredients. "Horrible ingredients. Why? Why not just the ghee?" one person commented on Aldi For President's post. "Just wish the sunflower oil wasn't added," another concurred. Similar sentiments were shared on the post by Aldi Favorite Finds, with someone writing, "Sunflower and grapeseed are highly inflammatory."

"I love Ghee!" added another user. "I really enjoy the one Aldi sells in the jar but I avoided this due to the added oils."