Use This Simple Microwave Hack To Reheat Steamed Buns

Bao or steamed buns, as they are often called, are one of those unicorn foods that we are all too happy to order up when we go to our favorite Chinese restaurant. In fact, we probably over-order because we want to take these steamed buns, which can only be described as doughy pillows of perfection, home to nibble on for a midnight snack. Per Taste of Home, there are a lot of different types of bao, which basically translates to "bun." The food site goes on to explain that when we say bao in the United States, we are often talking about steamed buns filled with pork. But bao doesn't have to be filled with something savory; they can have a sweet filling like custard, as well (via Jessica Gavin).

However, when you bring home your leftover steamed buns, it's difficult to heat them up so they are as good as they were fresh. Many people don't own a traditional steamer to prepare or reheat their bao. Instead, they're left to experiment with cooking methods, hoping to recreate their steamed bun experience only to fail miserably. Well, we have a microwave hack to reheat steamed buns. Once you try it, you may be using it again and again.

Use a mug and water

To reheat your steamed buns at home, you can use your microwave. Per Kitchen Appliance Answer, there are actually a couple of different ways to go about this that will reheat your buns without becoming soggy. The site notes that you can reheat your steamed buns in the microwave using a small cup of water. How does it work? They go on to explain that you should take a microwave-safe mug and fill it with 1 inch of water. Then place your bun on top of the mug and heat on high for one minute. As Japan Today shares, this setup acts like a steamer, the water heating your bun from below without making them gummy or hard.

How do you know that your bao is ready to eat after that minute? Kitchen Appliance Answer suggests just touching the bun — cautiously so you don't burn your fingers in case it is too hot — to discern if it is heated through. They also suggest sticking a fork into the bao and if the fork prongs are warm or hot to the touch, your steamed bun is ready to enjoy.