This Surprising Seasoning Can Take Your Barbecue To The Next Level

Not every meat needs a marinade. According to Bobby Flay, spice rubs can offer your steaksporkfish, and chicken a whole new level of flavor to make your taste buds smile. Additionally, Flay shares these rubs can form a delicious "crust" on your meat that will send your mouth into orbit. But what are the best seasonings to use when creating your flavor enhancer? That question has many answers, but our friends at may have shared one of the more ingenious ingredients to use.

Every barbecue connoisseur has their favorite spices to kick their barbecue into high gear. Most rely on what Food & Wine describes as a yin and yang balance of sweet and savory, bedazzled with fragrant aromatics like garlic, lemongrass, ginger, and similar ingredients. Per the Spruce Eats, spice or dry rubs work best for barbecuing over grilling because the high heat of grilling will cause your meat and your rub, which generally contains a bit of sugar, to burn.

However, the low and slow barbecuing allows a good spice rub to shine. That's why we think you will want to try this seasoning that can take your barbecue to the next level, and you probably have an unopened packet of this college favorite in a kitchen drawer or in your pantry.

Ramen seasoning packets

Per, those little packets of seasoning from your instant ramen can add quite the pop of flavor to barbecued meat. The site experimented with pork belly and found that the skin was superb in crispiness but moist and tender on the inside and full of flavor without being overwhelming. 

They also revealed that one packet was enough for one pound of meat. Why does it work? As the food site points out, the packet they used contained garlic powder, red chili, and a laundry list of "flavor enhancers." This is a definitely a great way to use up those packets if you do not use them with your instant ramen.

And we totally get it if you like the idea of using instant ramen seasoning for your meat, but not for the dried noodles it is packaged with. As Livestrong notes, what is a staple in college may not be the healthiest option. Well, you are in luck. There are plenty copycat recipes out there to create your own DIY ramen seasoning that allows you to control the ingredients and create a delicious spice rub to use the next time you barbecue.