The Absolute Best Ways To Keep Grapes Fresh

Grapes are an easy, sweet treat to keep around the house, but they don't have the longest shelf life. According to Does It Go Bad?, grapes stored at room temperature last just two to four days, while those that have been refrigerated last a bit longer, at five to 10 days.

As the site reported, grapes that are heading toward spoilage will have a soft, shriveled, or mushy texture. They will likely have brown spots, discoloration, or bruising on their surface and may even give off an unpleasant odor. Mold is another surefire sign that your grapes have passed their prime.

Ideally, your grapes should feel firm and plump, reported Sun World. Checking the stems can also be helpful; grape stems should be green in color and relatively pliable. The California Table Grape Commission adds that grapes' powdery coating, known as "bloom," is actually a good thing; bloom is naturally-occurring and offers the fruit protection from going bad.

Best ways to keep grapes fresh

First and foremost, you should always keep grapes in the fridge to maximize their lifespan, explained AllRecipes. They do best at temperatures between 30 and 32 degrees, so the back of your crisper drawer is the ideal spot for a recently purchased bunch.

According to MyRecipes, it's important to remember that even though grapes love humidity, exposing them to moisture directly will cause them to decay. As such, you should store your grapes unwashed and rinse them only just prior to eating. Grapes stored on the vine will also last longer than their loose counterparts, reported HappySprout, so refrain from plucking them before it's necessary.

Luckily, the best way to store grapes for freshness is also incredibly simple — just keep them in the package you bought them in, advised PureWow. The plastic containers grapes are sold in typically feature holes, which are perfect for providing the grapes with much-needed air circulation and ventilation.