Rao's Is Opening An Immersive Experience For Those Serious About Pasta Sauce

When it comes to kitchen staples that make weeknight cooking easier, pasta sauce is a top contender. Whether homemade or store-bought, it's always an excellent idea to keep a few quarts on hand: From simple no-cook tomato sauce to spicy arrabiata to fresh heirloom tomato sauce, these sauces deliciously coat pasta and lend their robust flavor to dishes such as pizza and stuffed peppers, as well.

We love making pasta sauce at home, but there's no denying that store-bought is a convenient option we indulge in from time-to-time. There are a number of excellent brands on the market, but we ranked Rao's Homemade as our absolute favorite.

If you love pasta sauce — or are a fan of Italian food in general — you might want to head to New York City later this month to check out the sauce brand's first-ever pop-up experience, which has been deemed The Saucery.

The Saucery will serve up pastas, wine pairings, and other Italian products

In a press release shared by PR Newswire, beloved pasta sauce brand Rao's Homemade announced its upcoming pop-up event, dubbed The Saucery, which will take place from April 22 to April 24 in New York City. The "Italian marketplace" will feature bronze die-cut pastas in Rao's sauces, of course, plus wine pairings and produce and Italian herbs that will be available for purchase.

"The Saucery by Rao's Homemade transports guests to an Italian marketplace through an immersive experience that celebrates quality ingredients, authentic Italian heritage, and the delicious flavors that set our products apart," said Risa Cretella, Executive Vice President at Rao's, in the press release. "We hope consumers leave The Saucery by Rao's Homemade with more knowledge and even more love for our brand."

At the event, all Rao's sauces will be sold at a 15% discount, including the brand's Limited Reserve sauces featuring luxury ingredients such as white truffles. Not in New York? You can enter for a chance to win a giveaway that will include a trip for two to New York City to visit The Saucery with airfare, a two-night hotel stay, and a $600 Saucery credit included. Buona fortuna!