The Clever TikTok Mango Cutting Hack Everyone Should Know

Whether it be for a tropical fruit smoothie or for a sweet and spicy sauce, you can't go wrong with mangoes as a main ingredient. But as delicious and versatile as they are, mangoes can be a pain to cut or peel if you don't know how to do so properly. If you try to cut it like an avocado, you'll have difficulty twisting the halves away from the seed, but if you attempt to peel it like an apple, you'll end up with a slippery mess. While you might be tempted to simply buy pre-cut mangoes in the frozen section of the grocery store, the truth is that learning how to slice one up yourself is just as easy.

According to TikTok account @simplelifeehacks, it starts by cutting along opposite sides of the seed to create three segments. For the segment that contains the seed, simply cut off the flesh around it. Then, for the two other segments, score the flesh and invert each one so it separates from the peel. At this point you can either scoop out the fruit or enjoy it as is.

The TikTok mango cutting hack is well known in Asia

A scroll through the comments section of @simplelifeehacks's viral TikTok and you'll find that plenty of people already know of the hack. Viewers of Epicurious's YouTube video, showcasing 50 people attempting (and struggling) to cut a mango, shared similar feedback. Apparently, the TikTok hack isn't so much of a hack at all, but rather a common way to cut mangoes in Asian households. "As a Filipino who naturally knows how to slice a ripe mango, this video pains me," one user wrote. Another added, "I as a Pakistani refuse to believe that there are people in the world that haven't seen a mango."

People in Asia may have long been cutting mangoes in this fashion, but that hasn't stopped others from continuing to share the easy method across TikTok to those who aren't yet familiar with it. After all, if you're gonna eat a mango, you might as well cut it up the way it's done in its native land.