McDonald's Is Selling Limited-Edition Rugs Inspired By Its Chicken Sandwiches

You know McDonald's for its burgers and iconic french fries, but what about home décor? According to a recent Instagram post from the company, you can now deck out your living room with the brand's Crispy Chicken Sandwich — in rug form.

To design the limited-edition rugs, McDonald's partnered with TikToker Madeline Ronzoni of Happy Rugs, who documented the process on social media. In a recent TikTok, Ronzoni shared a brief clip hand-tufting the original rugs. The artist designed three in total, with each representing one of the brand's Crispy Chicken Sandwich offerings: Crispy, Spicy, and Spicy Deluxe. Per McDonald's online menu, the classic Crispy sandwich comes topped with pickles, the Spicy version adds a spicy pepper sauce, and the Spicy Deluxe swaps the pickles out for lettuce and tomato.

While Ronzoni's designs will serve as the inspiration for McDonald's rugs, the TikToker will not actually be producing the ones for sale by the company. In the comment section, Ronzoni notes that the rugs available for purchase may vary in design and material from the originals shown.

How to get a McDonald's chicken sandwich rug

According to McDonald's Instagram post, the rugs are a limited-edition item, with drops every Sunday during the month of April. So if you're a big fan of the golden arches, you should move fast before the rugs are gone for good. They're are available to purchase from McDonald's online merchandise shop, Golden Arches Unlimited, while supplies last.

Per the product listings, each rug retails for $65 and may take up to four months to ship. All three measure approximately 30 inches wide with heights ranging from 19.69 inches to 22.95 inches, depending on the sandwich that inspired them.

McDonald's debuted its crispy chicken sandwich line in 2021, officially joining the so-called "Chicken Sandwich Wars" and rivaling the likes of Chick-fil-A, KFC, and Popeyes. According to Insider, the launch was a major success for the brand; In addition to high sales numbers for the sandwiches, McDonald's locations around the U.S. saw an increase in foot traffic in the months following their release. It seems the chain is betting on the popularity of the menu item to remain with this bold foray into home décor.