Roy Choi Wants To Bring The Ballpark To You With New Field Roast Collab

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Born in Seoul, Korea and raised in Los Angeles, chef Roy Choi originally rose to fame via his Kogi BBQ food truck, which was part of the new wave of tech-savvy, higher-end food trucks in the 2000s (via History). The Kogi food truck made its debut back in 2008 and became well known for its signature short rib taco, blending Korean and Mexican flavors. Choi went on to work on projects like his book, "L.A. Son," which is part cookbook and part memoir; a now-shuttered fast food concept LocoL; and a Netflix show co-hosted with actor Jon Favreau, titled "The Chef Show."

Choi's most recent endeavor is one that embraces the vegan food scene. In a press release, Field Roast – the maker of vegan sausages, burgers, and deli meats, among other products — announced that it has teamed up with the chef to celebrate of the kickoff of 2022's Major League Baseball season. The two collaborated on a Stadium Dog kit that pairs the brand's ballpark-inspired Stadium Dog with Kogi's Korean-Mexican flair (via Goldbelly).

Where to score Choi's Stadium Dog kit

If you're excited about Opening Day for the 2022 Major League Baseball season, or even if you just like hot dogs, you may be interested in the new collab between chef Roy Choi and Field Roast. The Stadium Dog hot dog kit contains everything you need to make six of Kogi's vegan The Home Run hot dogs, which Goldbelly shares are inspired by Choi's childhood ballpark memories.

The totally vegan kits include a pack of six hot dogs and buns, the ingredients to make Kogi's cabbage slaw and cilantro-lime relish, Kogi sauce, and vegan cheese shreds to top your American-Mexican-Korean fusion dogs. In addition to the ingredients, the kits come with stickers, pins, and a hot dog cookbook. Available for $45 each on Goldbelly, the kits are perfect for a vegan game-day BBQ at home or a stadium tailgate.

If you're unable to nab the kit from Goldbelly (or unwilling to shell out $45 to make your vegan hot dog dreams a reality), the Field Roast Stadium Dogs are also sold at grocery chains like Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Wegmans. The press release promises to deliver a "bold and authentic taste of a traditional ballpark hot dog no matter who you're rooting for," which is likely something any vegan sports fan can get behind.