Everything You Need To Know About The Back To Nature Cheese Cracker Recall

Ah, the pleasures of snacking. As adults, we're not above munching on some aged cheese, dry-roasted nuts, or simple seasonal fruit to tide us over between meals — but there's something oh-so-nostalgic about thinking back on the snacks we enjoyed as kids. How about ants on a log, that classic peanut-butter-and-raisin-topped celery, or even just apple slices dipped in peanut butter? How about packaged treats such as Gushers, Dunkaroos, and Lunchables?

In that latter category, most of us probably indulged in cheese crackers of some stripe, whether they were Cheez-Its, Goldfish, or Ritz Bits sandwiched with a cheese-like substance — heck, plenty of us likely still do. And in the past few years, a proliferation of vegan cheese crackers has come to market, from Earth Balance Squares to Simple Truth White Cheddar Crackers. If you indulge in this category of snack crackers, you're going to want to check your pantry for Back to Nature Cheddalicious crackers, because some of them have just been recalled.

A cracker mixup that isn't vegan

If your plant-based snack lineup includes Back to Nature Cheddalicious "cheese" cracker squares — and you're intentionally avoiding eggs and dairy — then you'll want to know about the recall that its manufacturer, B&G Foods, just issued. According to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the manufacturer is recalling 1,855 cases of the vegan crackers because they were mixed in with non-vegan crackers. According to the FDA's announcement, due to a packaging error, Back to Nature's crackers were mixed in with another brand's animal-shaped crackers that contain eggs and milk.

The mixup was reported by a consumer who found a foil package of the other brand's crackers inside a box of the Back to Nature product. In response, B&G is recalling six-ounce boxes of Cheddalicious crackers with a "best by" date of September 5, 2022, which were sold in 13 states including New York, New Jersey, and California. The crackers have a UPC number of 8-19898-01491-0 and can be returned to their place of purchase for a full refund.