The Buttery Tip That Will Seriously Improve Your Muffins

We love lazy weekend mornings when there's extra time to pull out the mixing bowls, muffin tins, and liners to whip up a dozen of our favorite banana nut or chocolate chip muffins for breakfast or Sunday brunch. Muffins are just the sweet bread we need alongside coffee or tea. They are the perfect on-the-go breakfast to provide extra energy before a long day at work, and while we hate to state the obvious, the kiddos are always happy to eat these cake-like creations. 

According to Thrillist, and much to the author's chagrin, muffins have been a breakfast food thing for well over 100 years. And regardless of whether you think they are an appropriate breakfast food, people have and will continue to eat them. To wit, per Statista, in 2020, over 95 million Americans gobbled up ready-to-eat muffins, and experts expect this number to climb close to 100 million by 2024. But as delicious as the muffin of your choice may be, we've discovered a buttery tip that will make your next one even better. How is that possible?

Break-out the butter and a skillet

A member of the TikTok community shared a video of what they called a "great little muffin trick" that they learned working with bagels, and we can't help but be excited. The social media maven revealed a buttery way to toast muffins and elevate your gastronomic experience of this sweet bread. The TikToker takes what appears to be a blueberry muffin and slices it in half. Of course, you can use whatever type of muffin gets your taste buds going. The butter is then spread on either side of the halved muffin. 

They may have had your attention at butter, but it gets better. The genius is in the next step of this trick. The TikToker places both halves of the muffin, butter side down, in a frying pan. Then, after removing the muffin liner, they fry it until warm and toasty. BBOnline shares that your muffin will brown rather quickly when you use this cooking method, so don't walk away from your skillet as it cooks, or it might burn. The result is an elevated muffin that is buttery, warm, crunchy, and full of the goodness your mouth craves.