One Simple Tip Will Make Your Nachos Way Better

We've never met a nacho we didn't like. Who can resist those crunchy, salty tortilla chips piled high with melted cheeseblack beans, rice, a meat of your choice, sour cream, salsa, and whatever else your heart desires? Nachos are pretty amazing. According to YouGovAmerica, nachos are the most popular Mexican dish in the United States. Whether we serve them up at a Super Bowl party or a quick dinner on a weeknight, nachos can be a crowd-pleaser.

According to Time, the genesis of nachos can be traced to the Mexican city of Piedras Negras in 1943 and several military wives who called the Army base of Fort Duncan home. The women found themselves in need of a bite to eat after an afternoon of shopping. With no eateries open, they wound up at a place called The Victory Club, where Ignacio Anaya opened the kitchen and served up a no-frills version of this dish with chips, melted cheese, and jalapenos. From that moment forward, nachos became a thing, and we are so happy they did. This uncomplicated dish can be dressed up or down depending on what's in your pantry and what your taste buds are craving; however, we found this one simple trick will make your nachos even better.

Layering is key

According to the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, the key to making the best nachos is all about layering. The food site cautions against piling your ingredients on the top layer of chips, or you will have chips without any of your favorite toppings. Instead, you can ensure every chip has a little something on it by first layering your chips with cheese and whatever else you enjoy on your nachos.

Bon Appétit offers a fail-proof strategy, suggesting using a sheet pan to create a single layer of chips. Then, sprinkle cheese all over, let it melt in the oven, take them out, and add another layer. Repeat until you have achieved the nacho nirvana of your dreams. Additionally, they recommend allowing your nachos to stay in the oven until the outer chips are on the verge of burning and the cheese on those chips is baked to a crisp. Bon Appétit also notes that leftover nachos are faux pas because they really don't keep, so eat 'em up.