The Trick That Will Take Your Fried Tofu To The Next Level

If you are a fan of plant-based eating, then tofu is probably one of your go-to proteins. Per Spruce Eats, this soy-based food is sold in blocks that are somewhat reminiscent of cream cheese. It is full of calcium and iron and contains low fat content. But what makes tofu so magical is this: Tofu is a great food chameleon. You can bbq it, turn it into a pesto, or Banh Mi sandwich. Tofu can be flexible because it has the ability to absorb the flavor and tastes of other foods it is cooked with, making it absolutely delightful to eat.  

However, if you are among the tofu haters who take to Reddit to air your grievances or are part of the casual tofu-recipe seekers who enjoy viewing this soy-based food product from the comfort of your device, listen up. You'll want to take note of this tofu trick that will not only make your tofu experience one worth repeating but will take it to a whole new level. One great way to eat tofu is by frying it in an air fryer. We found a trick that produces perfectly crispy tofu in this small appliance.

Flash freeze it first

According to a TikTok video with over 261k likes, the secret to air frying your tofu begins with flash freezing. The woman in the video explains that you should start with extra firm tofu. Why? Because, as the blog Love and Lemons explains, any other tofu texture will fall apart. Moreover, Slate contends that freezing tofu will make it firmer when you defrost it, which is ideal for getting that crispy, crunchy texture you want if you are going to fry it up.

The TikToker shares that after you flash freeze your tofu, you will want to place it in the refrigerator to defrost. When it defrosts, it will have an excess amount of water in its spongey texture that you'll need to squeeze and press out gently. Afterward, the TikToker cuts up the tofu, tosses it with a little soy sauce and sesame oil, and fries it in her air fryer. The result certainly looks and sounds crunchy.