Elmer's Pecan Egg Candy Is Being Recalled. Here's Why

With spring just around the corner and Easter candy lining the seasonal shelves and end caps of aisles in grocery stores, convenience stores, and even drug stores, it's a particularly unfortunate time for a candy recall. While no shopper enjoys having to toss the food they just bought or risk the consequences, it can be especially disappointing when you're forced to throw out a special seasonal treat. Earlier this week Wilton recalled one of its Easter cookie kits, and now those who have recently bought a popular candy egg will likely need to inspect the label. According to Food Safety News, Elmer's Pecan Eggs might have more than their standard caramel and pecans coating the nougat (via Elmer Chocolate).

The Elmer Candy Corp. announced on March 30 that one lot of its Pecan Eggs could be contaminated with pecan tree bark in addition to the typical toppings. Some 370,464 of Elmer's Pecan Eggs are included in the recall, which were sold in eight states.

This is the affected lot of candy

The Elmer's product in question is its one-ounce Pecan Egg, shared Food Safety News. The affected candies come wrapped in a polypropylene wrapper and were sold individually, as well as in packs of six and 24. More specifically they are part of lot number 2930, with a UPC of 41761-75035, 41761-75021, or 41761-75034. If you have purchased an Elmer's Pecan Egg baring these numbers, you should dispose of it immediately. The candy eggs that are included in the recall are also marked with a best by date of July 11, 2022.

The only states to receive the recalled candy include Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas, so if you've purchased an Elmer's Pecan Egg from another state you are unlikely to have one from the contaminated batch. If you're among those who have already started stocking up on Easter candy and you live in one of these eight states, you should take closer look at the candy you bought to be safe.