Ranking Mio Flavors From Worst To Best

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Do you struggle to drink enough water each day? According to the New York Post, more than half of American adults do not drink enough water daily. Drinking water not only keeps you hydrated and refreshed, but it also keeps you feeling more alert, helps maintain healthy skin and helps your stomach feel more satisfied (via SF Gate).

However, as The New York Post cited, many people turn down drinking water because of the taste. Plain water can be so dull, making it hard to get down the necessary ounces our bodies require every day. MiO set out to fix the way you drink water. Simply squeeze a few drops into your glass of water and enjoy a sugar-free enhancer that helps boost your day, keeps you focused, and gets more of that good water flowing throughout your daily life.

These drops make it simpler to enjoy the water our bodies need to survive and thrive. MiO liquid enhancers come in various flavors and benefits, including some with added energy, vitamins, and electrolytes. No matter your hydration needs, MiO can help you meet them. Nonetheless, not all flavors are created equally, which is why we've ranked some of the best and worst tasting MiOs. Use this list to help yourself drink more water, not avoid a new flavor of it. 

12. Berry Pomegranate

Berry and Pomegranate lovers rejoice; This flavor provides a strong berry flavor and definitely makes normal water taste exciting. Sometimes maybe a little too much.

Our most prominent reason for not liking this flavor is it tastes both sweet and sour. Because it does not contain real fruit you get an artificial taste while drinking this. It's hard to describe, but we did not love it overall. Plus, unlike the MiO varieties with Vitamins, Electrolytes, or Energy, there are no extra nutritional benefits to this fruity mixture.

Worst of all, The Berry Pomegranate MiO is one of the most potent flavors that the brand sells. While this is great if you dislike drinking water, we found it is overpowering. We tasted the syrup notes within a mix of grape and pomegranate additives. Compared to other types of MiO, the natural flavors were more noticeable and came off too strong. If you like an identifiable flavor, you may enjoy this. But if you are looking to drink something more subtle, choose a different taste.

11. Cranberry Raspberry

As we know, drinking water isn't the most exciting thing. HuffPost calls it downright boring. So, we hoped the tangy, refreshing combination of raspberry and cranberry would really excite our bottled water game and create a flavorful experience. We needed this pairing to aid us in that struggle. Instead, it reminded us of cough syrup. 

In the end, we had mixed reviews for MiO Cranberry Raspberry flavor. These drops did not taste as sweet as many of the other flavors, so if you are someone who does not want to drink a super sugary beverage, this one is a tart go-to. However, if you are someone who wants a sweeter flavor, all you have to do is add more drops than the serving size. To our initial concern, adding more drops means this combo becomes more medicine flavored. When it comes to this MiO, we did not get actual raspberry or cranberry fruit notes. Overall, we suggest picking up one of the other berry options of this brand.

10. Blueberry Lemonade

The next flavor, Blueberry Lemonade, provides a sweet yet tart flavoring to your beverage. This MiO bottle delivers the comforting, spring taste of blueberry and mixes it with a sour lemonade, adding up to a refreshing flavor in every squeeze. It's a common picnic combination, but we never knew it could be this easy.

Many of our previous MiO flavors had a taste conflict between their name and flavor, and Blueberry Lemonade lines up similarly in this case. While both flavors are present, we feel the blueberry overpowers the tartness of a lemon. It gives off more liquified blueberry muffin vibes than it does tangy, citrusy lemonade. This flavor has a bit of a sticky aftertaste, which we found unusual compared with many other varieties of MiO.

MiO Blueberry Lemonade was okay in our book. We likely will stick to the Lemonade flavor by itself or add the Blueberry Lemonade drops to another beverage. Maybe our classic lemonade or sparkling water could use an extra splash of flavor, but when transforming our plain H20, we'll pick a different taste. 

9. Strawberry Watermelon

Strawberries and watermelon should be the perfect sweet and fruity pair. We had high hopes for this duo. According to SF Gate, the two plants can often be partners in the garden. The combination of sugary strawberries is known to pair great with the modest notes of watermelon (per Immaculate Bites). Unfortunately, this MiO flavor did not live up to our expectations in the taste department.

We envisioned watermelon juiciness and the solid distinctiveness of strawberry to combine in every drop blissfully. Unfortunately, any strawberry is masked by the over-apparent smell and flavor of concentrated red fruit. The name had us anticipating something particular, but the reality fell flat overall. If you like berry bubblegum-tasting water, this flavor of MiO might be for you.

Like many other berry-type MiOs, this Strawberry Watermelon enhancer is powerful. We recommend using only a few drops to bring out the desired effect. Otherwise, the drops completely overpower the drink. If you're using MiO to help drink more water, there's no sense in having a tall glass of unnatural fruit notes overwhelming you.

8. Orange Vanilla

Prepare your tastebuds for a fusion of orange and vanilla flavors. This MiO liquid enhancer tastes like a creamsicle without leaving a nasty aftertaste. At first, we were hesitant about this bottle because we couldn't believe liquid drops would replicate the real delight of this combination. Like the Blueberry Lemonade mixing situation, it could have been likely that one flavor overpowered another. Fortunately, with the Orange Vanilla pairing, we were off base — it truly embodies the flavor of a unique popsicle style.

Struggling to consume water to the point you want to turn it into something else entirely? This flavor of MiO will do that for you. If you generally like a sweeter drink but need to cut back on sugar intake or calories, Orange Vanilla will also help you achieve those goals. When you require a daily dose of B vitamins, which Harvard School of Public Health says are essential to nutrition, this bottle can provide. The MiO FAQs say a single serving of their Vitamins line has 10% of needed B3, B6, and B12. We highly recommend the Orange Vanilla for its flavor, but we'll come back again and again for the important stuff too.

7. Berry Blast

With so many berry-influenced MiOs, the line between them can be difficult to see. The Berry Pomegranate flavor missed the mark here at Tasting Table because the tastes of the fruits were too syrupy sweet. Yet the Berry Blast provides a more balanced note in every drop. This could be due to the fact that it's not branded as a specific fruit inspiration — or it could be from the extra benefits.

This variety sets itself apart from other MiO offerings because it has additional nutrients in every drop. With an enhancer like this, you can intensify the taste of your water and reap the benefits of B Vitamins and electrolytes. The Cleveland Clinic stresses that electrolytes are crucial for hydration. However, sports drinks like Gatorade contain a ton of added sugar that is somewhat unnecessary unless you are partaking in high-intensity workouts (per LiveStrong). 

We love that this flavor tastes good, offers hydration benefits to your body, and does it all without a heavy dose of sugar. You can also mix it with other flavors of MiO for a unique combo that jazzes up an afternoon beverage or cocktail.

6. Sweet Tea

If you love iced tea in all its sweet and unsweet forms, this next MiO flavor is for you. The Sweet Tea drops are relatively close in taste to the real deal. Though, there is something not exactly tea-like about them. The drops have no caffeine or calories, per nutrition facts from Fooducate. We appreciate that because it makes the bottle an excellent substitute for your caffeinated tea mix or soft drinks if you're looking to drop those things.

It is a simple way to make a classic drink. Squeeze the MiO water enhancer in your cup to turn boring water into really great iced tea. One of our favorite parts about using MiO is that a little squirt goes a long way. With one squeeze, your cup of water will take on a whole new flavor. With a few more it becomes a pitcher. This MiO flavor makes tasty tea appear with a snap of your fingers.

Additionally, there's no need to chill the bottle or take up room in the fridge. Click the container twice to lock in the freshness and sweet tea scent, then store it wherever you need tea next. If you are looking for an alternative to regular iced tea or sodas, MiO Sweet Tea flavor makes sense.

5. Orange Tangerine

The next MiO flavor coming close to the top spot is Orange Tangerine. This flavor exudes a robust citrus tang aroma and tastes like a more saccharine version of orange Vitamin Water. It can also become a sugar-free orange soda when added to crisp sparkling water

Due to the citrus flavor and marketing as part of the MiO Vitamins line, we anticipated one of the added vitamins might be Vitamin C. It is well reported that this compound has many nutritional benefits (per WebMD). To our dismay, the Orange Tangerine contains only the standard B vitamins found in this MiO variety. As mentioned earlier, the entire bottle only counts for 10% percent of your daily value of B3, B6, and B12. If you are concerned about your nutrient intake, look elsewhere for your multivitamins.

The MiO mission is to fix water through liquid flavor enhancers so that people will drink more. Overall, while the Orange Tangerine MiO does not contain more of the vitamins and minerals we want to see, it gets the job done in the water consumption department. This zesty tangerine flavor gives us all the sunny spring and summer feels. A few squirts in your cup or bottle of water creates some enjoyable goodness.

4. Mango Peach

We're feeling just peachy after sipping on water mixed with this next MiO flavor enhancer. This flavor crawls towards the top of our ranking list for two reasons. The flavors really taste like the names, unlike some variations where the fruit taste is artificial-like or overwhelming. The other reason is that those fruits taste good together when combined together.

No one likes a sugar bomb in their drink, and Indiana Public Media reports that sugar can make you more thirsty by drawing water out of your mouth. Fortunately, Mango Peach MiO is just sweet enough for our liking, and because it has no sugar, you won't need to worry about it hurting your hydration. When it comes to flavor, we find the peach outweighs the mango, but you catch hints of both fruits. We love the Mango Peach in sparkling water as a fizzy, tropical soda or in still water as a refreshing fruity compliment.

It was hard to drink more water in many Mio varieties that preceded Mango Peach on this list because the flavors created an extreme taste. The same did not occur with this bottle, which is why it lands closer to the top of our list.

3. Lemonade

A good lemonade can seldom be replicated in powders and drops. In our opinion, we notice that most lemonade-flavored products on store shelves taste either too sweet, too sour, or miss the flavor mark in other ways. That is why fresh lemonade recipes are typically preferred around here. Even the flavored powders (which deliver your drink in a pinch) create a different consistency to a quality homemade lemonade. 

Incredibly in the case of MiO Lemonade drops, we were pleasantly surprised with the outcome. This water enhancer achieves an awesome combination of flavors that nearly replicates fresh lemonade. While nothing can mimic the real thing, a few drops of MiO taste good and are as refreshing as a just-squeezed glass on a hot summer day.

In addition to the quality of this beverage, Lemonade is a flavor you can drink year-round. MiO Lemonade water enhancer has a delicious taste without all the calories or sugar. It is also versatile: You can pair it with other MiOs when a tart-sweet contrast is desired, or make your own MiO Arnold Palmer

2. Fruit Punch

Coming in at the number two slot is MiO Fruit Punch flavor. As kids, we sucked down fruit punch flavored juice boxes, and now as adults, we're spiking our water with the same flavor. Does it have any real fruit in it? No. Does the delicious tasting MiO Fruit Punch find us wanting to add more and more water to our lives? Absolutely. 

This flavor offers many of the versatile usages of the other MiO offerings. Pop the Fruit Punch MiO drops into still or sparkling water for a delicious punch of flavor as intended. Reviewers of the product even suggest using it for a unique flavor experience: MiO Fruit Punch can be used to flavor or color foods, like a keto whipping cream. Fruit punch whipping cream? Sign us up. We appreciate the strong flavor but do not believe Fruit Punch overpowers water or other drinks. With only a few drops, you change the entire profile of your food or drink entirely.

1. Black Cherry

Finally, the best MiO flavor is the energy variation in Black Cherry. Energy-boosting drops of MiO help you stay alert no matter what life throws your way. Like most energy drinks, the black cherry flavor gets its kick from caffeine — 60 milligrams, per the MiO FAQs. According to them, this is about the caffeine of a 6-ounce cup of regular coffee. The Cleveland Clinic reports that caffeine effects can start within 15 minutes of consumption, so you can expect a pretty immediate burst of energy. Squeeze this flavor into your water before the gym, while pregaming for a long night out, or to quick charge before a regular day — you'll have ready-to-go energy.

This Black Cherry liquid water enhancer has a potent cherry flavor. It is best described as candy-like rather than tasting like actual cherry fruit. That is typical for almost all MiOs. Yet it does not drift into cough medicine territory, which often happens with red fruit flavorings (like the pomegranate and raspberry combo). Black Cherry's overall pleasant taste and an extra boost of energy shoot it to the top of our list.