Why Target's Good & Gather Dried Strawberries Are Being Recalled

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On March 24, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shared that SunTree Snack Foods, LLC had issued a voluntary recall of its resealable packages of freeze-dried sweetened strawberries. While the name SunTree Snack Foods is likely not going to ring any bells, this is the company that produces Good & Gather brand products, which many shoppers will recognize as the Target store brand.

The March 24 recall was issued after a sample tested by the Florida Department of Agriculture was found to contain sulfites. Verywell Fit explains that sulfites are often used to "preserve freshness," added to foods such as dried fruit, potato chips, and jam; sulfites also naturally occur in some food and drinks, like wine. (While many blame sulfites for their wine headaches, Bon Appétit says this is unlikely the cause.) But the issue with the Good & Gather freeze-dried strawberries isn't necessarily that they contain sulfites, but that sulfites were not listed on the label. 

These lots of freeze-dried strawberries were affected

According to the FDA, the sulfites found in Good & Gather freeze-dried sweetened strawberries were not declared or named on the product's label. Though many people regularly consume sulfites without issue, those with a sulfite allergy could find themselves at great risk if they consume the product. The Australian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy explains that asthma-like symptoms are the most common reaction for those with a sulfite allergy, but in very severe and rare cases hives, digestive issues, or anaphylaxis can occur. As of publication, there have been no reported illnesses from the contaminated strawberries.

Fortunately, SunTree Snack Foods, LLC only needed to recall two lots of the dried strawberries: 88514 and 86061. Both lots were sold under the Good & Gather label and shipped nationwide. The strawberries come packaged in four-ounce resealable bags with listed best by dates ranging from September 1, 2022 to October 14, 2022. If you've recently bought the dried fruit from Target, you should check the lot number and UPC — which is 085239182840 — for affected bags. If you find one of the contaminated bags the FDA is recommending you throw it away.