Target's Rethinking Its Grocery Game

A new design's coming to the big-box store

Your local Target may soon get a new look. The newly designed stores will have two entrances, one that leads to clothes and accessories per usual, and another that's geared toward quick food-focused shopping, Fortune reports. This entrance will be close to a grab-and-go food section, a grocery store, and a wine and beer display, so that shoppers can pick up items for a meal and get going quickly (the entrance will be next to a section of the parking lot with spaces that are available for 10 minutes).

The company is also experimenting with a counter where guests can place an order in advance and then simply pick it up when it's ready—a model that Amazon has also discussed for its upcoming line of supermarkets.

Target will test the new design at a store in Richmond, Texas (outside of Houston), starting this October, and there are plans for the new design to be integrated into 500 stores over the next three years.