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While most of America hears the name "Houston" and thinks beef, BBQ and Tex-Mex, the reality is much more vivid. In fact, you might find yourself enjoying a Czech pastry filled with Cajun sausage while drinking a Vietnamese-French iced coffee laced with sweetened condensed milk. This seemingly odd amalgam of culinary cultures may seem odd elsewhere, but it's perfectly at home in this sprawling Texas city. A historic port town, Houston has subtly changed from a place that offers a home to immigrants to a city of immigrants. The outsider simply becomes a part of the patchwork quilt of cultural influences that have come to define the city at its core. Vietnamese pho is as much a Houstonian birthright as a combo plate of cheese enchiladas. This mishmash of cultures is changing the face of Houston, and creating one of the most dynamic dining destinations in the country.


Viet-Cajun Crawfish

Crawfish & Noodles

Justin Vann

Owner of Public Services

"As a professional, Houston has the benefits of a giant city, in that we get lots of cool products and talented people to use them. As a diner, Houston has everything that I want to eat and drink, period. What really keeps me here, though, is the pool of captivating chefs, sommeliers and bartenders who work so hard to bring it all together."

Local Expert

Ronnie Killen

Chef and owner of Killen’s Steakhouse and Killen’s Barbecue

“Houston is one of the most demographically diverse areas in the state. I can jump in my car and sit down at a great authentic family-run Mexican restaurant, like Lila’s, enjoying breakfast tacos, or visit a fantastic local Vietnamese place, like Thanh Phuong, within minutes.”

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