Kingsford's New Products Will Season Your Grilled Food For You

Grilling season is almost upon us, and just in time for many a cookout, backyard BBQ, and outdoor hang, Kingsford has launched a new product line it says will take your food to the next level.

In a press release, the charcoal company announced the debut of a new line of three flavor-infused grilling products, which aim to add a little seasoning to your barbecue smoke. The Kingsford Signature Flavors products include "flavor boosters," which come in the form of small pellets that can be added to any pre-lit charcoal; spiced charcoal briquets, which have the flavor boosters pre-mixed in; and 100% hardwood pellets infused with the savory spices. 

According to the company, to put the new spice-infused products to work, the grill operator simply needs to light their charcoal or wood pellet grill as usual with the flavored pellets or briquettes, or add one of the flavor boosters to pre-lit charcoal. The smoke then infuses your grilled meats and vegetables with the flavors of one of three spice blends.

While in the past, Kingsford has offered flavored charcoal briquettes inspired by common smoking woods (like mesquite, pecan, Applewood, hickory, and cherry, per BBQ Reboot), this is its first time experimenting with ingredient-inspired charcoal or wood pellets.

The grilling products are available in three spice blends

"Grilling is a sensory experience, and we're taking it to a new level with the real spices of these Signature Flavors," said Ram Gopalakrishnan, Kingsford's marketing director, in a statement. "Whether you're a beginner or pro, [the] charcoal briquets, pellets, and flavor boosters will level up any barbecue."

The boosters, briquettes, and pellets come in three flavor combinations infused with a variety of real spices and herbs. The Garlic Onion Paprika flavor has notes of garlic, semi-sweet caramelized onion, and warm paprika, and was designed to pair with beef, chicken, pork, fish, and vegetable dishes. The more herbaceous Basil Sage Thyme — which Kingsford recommends using with turkey, lamb, chicken, pork, shellfish, and vegetables — is made with a zesty blend of its eponymous herbs. The third flavor, Cumin Chili, is the boldest of the bunch, featuring spicy chili and earthy cumin to accentuate pork, beef, chicken, and rib recipes.

All three varieties of the charcoal company's Signature Flavors products are available now at retailers nationwide in a variety of sizes. Since it's unclear just how much flavor the spiced capsules will infuse your meat with, we wouldn't recommend skipping the seasoning process entirely in the meantime.