Zabar's And Coach Teamed Up To Offer Pricey Bagel-Adorned Merch

How many of you out there love bagels? This round, bready creation with a hole in the middle tends to inspire almost extreme levels of devotion, as evidenced by dedicated subreddits and Facebook pages and, of course, millions of Instagram images of bagels that are toasted, homemade, oozing fried eggs, adorned with lox, and everything in between.

Whether your bagel order of choice is something classic like a sesame seed with a cream cheese shmear or something wildcard like a technicolor rainbow bagel, there are many ways for you to show your love for this German-originating roll that likely made its way to Poland — and then beyond — beginning in the 14th century, according to The Atlantic. How about buying bagel socks, a bagel tote bag, or a bagel holiday ornament? Or if you're really looking to splurge on your love of all things bagel, what about an expensive mohair sweater? A collaboration between the iconic New York City deli Zabar's and the luxury apparel brand Coach, the sweater costs a cool $495 and just might be the priciest bagel appreciation item out there today.

This sweater takes bagel appreciation to a whole new level

If you've ever spent time in New York, then you may have visited the iconic delicatessen Zabar's, which got its start serving smoked fish in 1934 and is still going strong on the Upper West Side today, per its website. Known for its platters of smoked salmon, its house-roasted coffee, and its selection of traditional Jewish desserts such as rugelach and babka, Zabar's is a destination for food-obsessed locals and visitors alike. And while the store carries merch, such as a $12 apron and a $2.50 tote bag, a new collaboration with the luxury apparel brand Coach is a decidedly pricey way to show Zabar's — and the bagels it sells — some love.

Available on Coach's website, the women's sweater available in light pink or gray mohair is nearly sold out, with only medium and large sizes still available at the time of this writing. It's emblazoned with what looks like an everything bagel spread with cream cheese — naturally — with a big bite taken out of it and the distinctive orange "Zabar's" lettering written below. As pointed out by InStyle, the $495 price could buy about 142 Zabar's bagels with cream cheese — which actually sounds a lot more tempting than a dry clean-only sweater, as cute as it is. But hey: If you've got a half grand burning a hole in your pocket and you really want to show your love for bagels, who are we to judge?