Do Coors Light's Beer-Flavored Lollipops Contain Alcohol?

Some people prefer drinking from the can, others think the bottle is best. But now there's another way to enjoy Coors Light — in the form of a lollipop. Coors Light parent company Molson Coors announced in their Beer & Beyond blog that their new Chillollipops will be available for a limited time during March's post-season basketball tournaments. If you're lucky, Coors Light will be handing them out for free to those viewing the games in select public settings, but if you're not, fans can order the lollipops by the six-pack on the Coors Light website for $3.17. There's one stipulation, however — you have to be 21 or older to purchase them.

While you might assume this is due to the fact that there's alcohol in the lollipops, Coors Light clarified in the product description that's not the case, explaining that while the lollipops are created to taste like Coors Light, they do not contain alcohol. Coors Light associate marketing manager April Roberts shared in the release that despite being alcohol-free, Chillollipops have "a great beer taste" and added that they also feature a "hint of sugar and malt."

Coors Light lollipops were designed for stressed-out March Madness fans

As a beer company, it may seem random for Coors Light to sell something other than a beverage. But there's a specific reason the brand decided on lollipops. According to market research shared in the Beer & Beyond announcement, Coors Light tends to get popular during March Madness, and with the season comes tension. "The post-season can put fans through the emotional wringer, and when we learned of previous social experiments that distributed lollipops and hard candies in an attempt to help calm bar patrons at the end of the night, we realized we had a chance to help fans get through a stressful time," April Roberts explained to Beer & Beyond.

As Coors Light's expert consultant Donald Gibson Ph.D elaborated in a Chillollipops commercial, Chillollipops counteract the madness of March Madness in two different ways: a favorite beer and the calming effect of sucking a lollipop. "Something as simple as a lollipop could bring back a positive memory that can help us regulate our current emotions. This we call mood congruent memory," he said in the commercial. Coors Light fans in need of some extra chill during the games will surely benefit from the brand's new lollipops.