Guinness Awarded This St. Patrick's Day Toast $50k

The Guinness Great Reunion Toast contest just made one American $50,000 richer, The Washington Post reports. In response to a tweet from Guinness U.S. challenging customers to submit a 30 second video of their best St. Patrick's Day toast, Tom Ponton of Columbia, Maryland tried his luck. And as luck would have it, a week and a half after Ponton submitted his video, he got the serendipitous phone call saying he'd won. That was followed by the ambassador of the Baltimore Guinness factory, Ryan Wagner, showing up at his doorstep, along with a bagpiper and an giant check for 50 grand.

Ponton's winning submission consisted of eight stanzas of rhyming text, and being a self-professed songwriter, he also put the toast to music. Ponton, who works as the director of advancement at DeMatha Catholic School, shared with The Washington Post that he plans to donate a portion of his winnings to the school's priestly order, the Trinitarians, who are currently aiding Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

You can win $50k from Guinness too

Guinness may have already given away $50,000, but the Guinness Great Reunion Toast contest isn't over just yet, Irish Central shares. Since St. Patrick's Day celebrations are in full force for the first time in three years, Guinness is going big by giving out not one but 20 cash prizes, totaling one million dollars. That means there are still 19 other people that will join Tom Ponton in winning $50,000.

According to Irish Central, the Guinness-sponsored contest continues through March 31, so there's still plenty of time to come up with that winning toast. Once you think you have it perfected, simply record yourself over video with a pint of Guinness, head to to upload your submission, and hope that the luck of the Irish is with you.

For inspiration, contest participants can also refer to Ponton's winning toast, shared by The Washington Post: "When you're old and gray and doze by the fire / And you have one last glass before you retire / It's not about wealth but the seeds that you've sown / To the people you've loved and the friends that you've known. / So let's raise a glass to our family and friends / and to those who oppose us, well, let's make amends / For there's no use in cryin', it's not a long stay / I'm not one for me lyin' — Happy St. Patrick's Day!"