The TikTok Instant Ramen Hack That Will Help You Get A Quick Meal

If you need a quick bite to eat, don't want to cook, or just don't have anything else in the kitchen, instant ramen is always a convenient and easy go-to. But accompanied only by the seasoning packet that it comes with, or at most, tiny dehydrated peas and carrots, instant ramen doesn't always make for a satisfying meal. One TikTok hack, however, claims to fix that without too much extra hassle. According to creator @EatWithAdrian, all it takes is the addition of minced garlic, Kewpie brand Japanese mayonnaise, and a single egg.

As per the instructions in their TikTok video, you'll start by cooking your ramen noodles as normal. @EatWithAdrian opts for spicy miso flavored ramen. In a separate bowl, you'll add the garlic, mayo, and egg, as well as the seasoning packet and a splash of the starchy water from the cooked ramen noodles. When you whisk all the ingredients, it should form a creamy sauce, which you'll then top with the piping hot noodles and mix together. The result is a bowl of ramen that's a lot more satisfying than the kind straight out of the package.

How does the TikTok instant ramen hack taste?

Mayonnaise in ramen might sound off-putting, but when you think of its ingredients (egg, oil, and vinegar), it makes sense why the hack is all over TikTok. Japanese mayo also tastes different from the American kind since it's made with egg yolks rather than the whole egg, rice vinegar instead of white vinegar or lemon juice, and contains MSG. What this basically means is it's richer, has an umami flavor profile, and most importantly, makes ramen taste really good.

According to a YouTube video posted by Way of Ramen, which America's Test Kitchen credits for introducing the hack to Americans, Japanese foodies began adding Kewpie mayo to their ramen long before the trend made its way to TikTok. The Japanese version of the trend calls for Sapporo Ichiban's miso flavor of instant ramen, one clove of freshly grated garlic, one tablespoon of Japanese mayo, one egg, and no noodle water. This is almost identical to the TikTok hack, however, America's Test Kitchen says the grated garlic packs more of a punch, and the use of miso-flavored ramen makes it taste like tonkotsu ramen. 

Apparently, three extra ingredients go a long way in taking your ramen to the next level.