Godiva's New Ice Cream Flavors Are Inspired By Its Classic Chocolates

Fans of Godiva might be used to turning to the brand for decadent truffles or quality chocolate bars, but the company recently announced in a press release that its popular confections may be appearing in the freezer aisle at your local grocery store, thanks to its new line of ice creams made in collaboration with Boardwalk Frozen Treats. Customers don't even have to wait to try the new dessert, as the ice cream is now available in a few major U.S. grocery chains.

Godiva's pints of ice cream come in seven flavors, all of which were created to reflect the chocolate company's popular picks. The new pints come with a suggested retail price of $5.49 and appear to be here for good, given that the press release refers to them as "the ultimate year-round dessert."

Godiva fans are curious about the new ice creams

According to the press release, the seven new Godiva ice cream flavors will include chocolate strawberry, Midnight Swirl, Hazelnut Crunch, Mint Medallion, Praline Cone Crunch, salted caramel brownie, and Caramel Embrace.

Chocolate fans on Instagram were very excited by the announcement, sharing plenty of questions and thoughts on the new product. Some wanted to know if there were dairy-free options (there are not), while others hoped the pints would soon be sold at wholesale retailer Costco (the brand stated they hope to "expand to even more retailers in the future"). Even fans in Canada, Brussels, London, and South Africa inquired if they would be given access to the new ice creams (sadly, they are currently only sold in the U.S.).

According to a Chowhound thread from 2008, the chocolate brand has sold ice cream in the past, but the product seems to have disappeared. At the time, fans were lamenting the loss of the white chocolate raspberry flavor. Perhaps chocolate strawberry will be able to satisfy nostalgic Godiva customers who never quite got over the treat.