14 Best Wine Subscription Services, Ranked

If you live in a big city, don't have a car, and you love wine, then you know the struggle of limiting your bottle purchases only to what you can lug to the nearest train station. And even those who do have access to easy transportation may find themselves lost when it comes to picking out a wine. Ever wish that you could just get wine delivered straight to your door? We all do, which is why we're huge fans of wine subscription services. These services ship wine to your home — and some of them even help you choose wine that will suit your palate.

But when it comes to choosing a wine subscription service, you have to make sure you pick carefully. Not all wine subscription services offer the same quality of wines, the same prices, or even the same services. Take a closer look at our ranking for wine subscription services so you can pick the one that works best for your wine rituals.

14. Winc

If you're on the wine side of the internet, chances are you've already heard of Winc. It's one of the most affordable wine subscription services out there, especially when you only look at the introductory price. For your first month, you'll get four bottles of wine for just under $30, and unless you're exclusively buying "Two-Buck Chuck," you're not going to find a better deal in most cases. However, it's not until you read the fine print that you'll realize the price jumps to around $60 for four bottles after that first month.

That's still inexpensive compared to most of the other subscription boxes on this list, but you get what you pay for. And when it comes to customer service at Winc, you're getting the bottom of the barrel. According to Wirecutter, many customers have a hard time canceling their subscriptions or discussing delivery issues. Perhaps that's why Winc has such a low rating on the Better Business Bureau. Add in the fact that most of Winc's wines just aren't that impressive, and it's clear why this one lands in last place for us. If you're just looking to get wines delivered to your door, there are better alcohol delivery programs out there to choose from.

13. Blue Apron Wine Program

You already knew that Blue Apron delivered food, but did you know that you could get wine from them too? If you already have a Blue Apron subscription, it's super easy to add on the wine program, and we love that you can easily get great food and wine pairings without having to do any of the thinking yourself. However, that's where our love for Blue Apron ends.

At first glance, it seems like the $69.99 price tag doesn't seem too bad, especially when you consider you're getting six bottles of wine. Add in the fact that you don't have to pay any shipping and handling, and this seems like a viable option. But take a closer look, and you'll notice that instead of getting 750 ml bottles (the average size of a wine bottle), you're actually getting bottles that are only 500 ml each. Blue Apron says that this is the perfect size to share with two people, and we guess that may be true for some. But if you actually like wine enough to buy a subscription, it probably doesn't apply to you.

As for the wines themselves? They're okay, but you're not going to get anything too interesting in this box. In their review, Spy said, "Meh. I didn't find much to love or much to hate. Very humble, very methodical, very table."

12. Iron Horse Wine Club

If you love sparkling wine, you're probably going to love the fizzy stuff flowing out of Iron Horse Vineyards. They're not limited to sparkling wines, but their sparkling wines are especially popular, and so is their Winemaker's Choice, Sparkling Only subscription service. With this subscription, you can pretty much guarantee you're going to be getting some top-notch bubbles in the mail, and we love that you only have to commit to two bottles per shipment. That means you can still maintain your wine shopping habit if you like to buy bottles in person as well.

So, if the wine from this vineyard is so good, you're probably wondering why it's ranked so low on our list. Really, it all comes down to the price. For the Winemaker's Choice subscription, you can expect to pay around $110 per shipment of two bottles. If you have extra money to spend and you don't mind blowing it on wine, then this may be reasonable. However, for most casual drinkers, it's just not worth it to buy two such expensive bottles every month. But for a special occasion, these wines are incredible!

11. Fatcork

If there's one opinion we'll always stand by, it's that Champagne (and really sparkling wine in general) has earned an unfair status as a drink only to be drunk during special occasions. Sparkling wine can be enjoyed any day of the week, even when nothing all that exciting is happening. Don't limit your drinking! And that's why we love the idea of fatcork, a Champagne subscription services that delivers bubbly straight to your front door four times a year in March, May, September, and November. They don't just deliver the bottles — you'll get plenty of info about each of the wines, so you can learn something new with each sip you take.

This one's ranking all comes down to taste. The service is great, and if you have some extra money to drop on wine, it's a solid option. But at $199 for three bottles, it's not going to be reasonable for most wine shoppers out there. But our opinion still stands: More bubbles are always a good thing.

10. SommSelect Wine Club

For those who are trying to learn more about wine, SommSelect wine club can be a great choice. Not only are you going to get wines selected by sommeliers, but you'll also get their notes along with the wine. This can help you identify notes, learn more about the grape varietal and region in which the wine was grown, and other interesting facts about the individual vineyards. We love the idea of learning something new while you're sipping, so this one caught our attention immediately. Plus, the Explore 4 membership gets you four bottles for $99 a month, which is a pretty good deal.

Unfortunately, if you're looking for top-notch customer service, you're probably not going to get it from SommSelect. Wirecutter described this company as "less responsive," and when it comes to buying alcohol online, you want to be able to get into contact with them if anything comes up during the shipping process. But for such a great price, you may want to give it a try anyway.

9. MYSA Natural Wine Club

Natural wine lovers may find themselves disappointed at a lot of the wine subscription services out there, but MYSA Natural Wine Club is here to save the day. You won't have to worry about getting boring wines with this bunch. If you already love natural wine, it's a great option, though there's a good chance you might come across something you've already had. It's a great choice for those who are just trying to get into natural wine or are getting into wine in general. Since you're getting stuff that's a little out of the ordinary, you'll get to see just how much variety there is in the wine world.

You can get shipments of three, six, or 12 bottles. Three bottles cost $84.95, six bottles cost $149.95, and 12 bottles will run you $274.95. We're going to guess that most individuals are going to go with the three-bottle shipment. That means every box comes out to around $28. Some may not want to pay that much, but it's around what you should expect to pay at a natural wine shop.

There are natural wine clubs we like more than this one, but it's still a fantastic option for those looking to expand their wine horizons.

8. Vegan Wines

If you're not vegan, you may be surprised to find out that there are plenty of wines out there that aren't vegan-friendly. If you are vegan, then you likely know that some wines aren't vegan due to a process called "fining," which can, in many cases, utilize animal products like gelatin and casein (via The Kitchn). Clearly, this isn't ideal if you're trying to cut animal products from your diet, which is why there's a market for Vegan Wines, a wine club that will send you vegan-friendly wines throughout the year.

Their most popular option is the Signature Club, which costs $176 for six bottles of wine. You'll get a combination of reds, whites, rosés, and sparkling wines, which means there's something for everyone. (Alternatively, you can get a red-only box or a box with only non-reds). That's on par with many of the other wine clubs on this list, and you can feel good about the fact that you're opting for wines that are better for animal welfare and the environment.

Since you're choosing from fewer wines, you don't always get the most interesting bottles with this service. But for all the vegans out there, it's a great choice!

7. Primal Wine Club

Natural wine is super popular, but you may not be able to find it if you live outside a major metropolitan area. That's where services like Primal Wine Club come into play. This wine subscription will send you natural wines (wines low in additives like sulfites) right to your door, so you don't ever have to worry about trekking to a wine shop. And at $85 for three wines per shipment, you're looking at a pretty average cost per bottle. Choose from all reds, all whites, or a mixed box.

Primal Wine Club, like MYSA Natural Wine Club, is great for beginners to natural wine, though drinkers who have been into it for some time will find that many of the wines from this company are from bigger-name producers. Of course, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but you're probably not going to be finding the weirdest, wackiest small producers in a batch from this company.

6. Matthiasson Wine Club

Matthiasson Winery has been making natural wines since before it was cool, and they're focused on creating sustainable wines that are actually good for the environment, per The Strategist. That puts them close to the top of the list for us already. Add in the fact that their wines are absolutely delicious, and it's clear why this subscription is one of our faves. Plus, there's something that feels special about it — they only ship twice per year, in April and October, so it's super exciting when you finally get your box.

The only place this subscription service falls short is the price. You're going to spend $335 on average for a shipment, plus $25 for shipping. That's not cheap, especially considering you're only getting six wines. However, you do get some extras, like complimentary tastings at their Napa Valley vineyard. We wish this subscription were cheaper so we could rank it higher, but as it stands, it's out of a lot of wine drinkers' price range.

5. Eater Wine Club

We love a wine subscription service that keeps things simple, and that's exactly what you're going to get from Eater Wine Club. The publication Eater is already a trusted source for food and drink content, so you can feel fairly certain that they're going to deliver when it comes to their wine subscription. Go for two bottles a month, and you'll pay $70. Opt for four bottles a month, and the price is $110. If you really want to go all out, you can get six bottles for $150.

What we love most about this subscription is the fact that every box is curated by a different wine director, sommelier, or wine professional in a city that Eater covers. Therefore, you're not stuck with just one person's taste — you get to explore a wide variety of wines depending on who's doing the choosing. And if you choose to get several bottles at once, the price per bottle is modest compared to many other wine clubs out there.

4. Orange Glou Wine Club

Orange wine lovers, your day has come: Orange Glou Wine Club is here to give you what you want. Orange Glou started as a wine club, and it's now become a small bottle shop in Manhattan's Lower East Side. But even if you don't live in NYC, you can still get your hands on all the natural orange and amber goodness that Orange Glou has to offer. Get three bottles for $105, six bottles for $195, or 12 bottles for $385. Is it kind of expensive? Yes. But do we think it's totally worth it? Absolutely.

Most wine subscriptions aren't going to offer a wide selection of orange wines, if they offer any at all. And if you're into this style of wine, that can be a huge bummer when you're spending good money on getting wines shipped to your door. In that way, Orange Glou fills a gap in the market. While you may feel like you're missing out on other types of wine with this subscription, you're going to get to try so many new gems with this option that you may not even miss them.

3. Bright Cellars

Bright Cellars may not be for every wine drinker, but for those who are just starting to learn about wine, it's a great option. We love this option because, like Winc, it asks you a series of questions to determine what kinds of wines you'll be most likely to enjoy. This is helpful if you don't know a lot about different varieties of wine or you're trying to expand your horizons. Once you take the test, they'll sent you customized boxes of wine that should be suited to your liking. Not every wine service offers this kind of quiz, so we're appreciative that Bright Cellars is doing it right. And considering you're only going to pay $80 for four bottles, it's a better deal than a lot of the other subscription services on this list.

We're not alone. Insider said that Bright Cellars was "one of the best" wine subscription services out there. If you're looking for bottles that are out of the ordinary, this one may not be ideal for you. Otherwise, it's worth checking out.

2. Leon Circle Wine Club

There are plenty of wine clubs out there that will send you bottles you can find just about anywhere, but when you choose Leon Circle Wine Club, you're going to get a slightly different experience. New York City has one of the best wine scenes in the world, but this wine club aims to highlight the "most quality-driven small producers around the world, who are rare even in the New York market." It's safe to say you're not going to get anything boring or basic in these bottles. You'll find many natural and natural-ish wines from Leon Circle.

This subscription service isn't the cheapest, and it's not the most expensive. You're looking at three bottles for $79 per shipment. And considering you're getting wines that can be difficult to find elsewhere, we'd say that's a pretty good deal. Shipping does cost $30, but you can always pick up your wine in the Brooklyn shop for free if you're in the area.

1. Zwann's Wine Club

Brooklyn restaurant Olmsted has been making waves in the New York culinary scene, and Zwann Grays plays no small part in that. Grays is the wine director there, and she's built a reputation for having fantastic taste. Luckily, you don't always have to go to the restaurant to sample that taste, because Zwann's Wine Club is an option. For $160, you'll get a selection of six of the interesting wines Grays' gets to taste on the regular. We love that you get to try so many wines with this service, and you always know you're going to get top-notch selections. And considering that it's even cheaper than many other natural-wine-leaning subscription services out there, it's no wonder that this one is our favorite.

Zwann's Wine Club does focus on New York City, so if you're in one of the boroughs or New Jersey, they can deliver for free. However, if you're farther away, you'll have to email them to figure out how to get the wines to your front door. But for us, that's an extra step worth taking.