The Drink One 108-Year-Old COVID Survivor Credits With Her Longevity

Many believe that eating your vegetables, getting regular exercise, and practicing self-care is the go-to recipe for living a long, healthy life. The pandemic motivated some to reassess their lifestyle choices in an effort to improve their mental and physical health. Others also drank a lot of wine. Julia Iverson, who went two rounds with COVID before celebrating her 108th birthday, credits the latter with her impressive lifespan (via BBC).

Iverson, who has lived through multiple pandemics since her birth in 1914, says that the secret to her long life is enjoying a glass of red wine on the daily, which caretakers at her senior living home say she is keenly aware of any attempts made to water down.

Iverson isn't alone when it comes to centenarians who believe in the health benefits of a daily glass of merlot. In a recent interview shared by Global News, 100-year-old Florence Bearse said, "I like my wine, don't take it away from me."

Does a daily glass of red wine benefit your health?

Those who drink wine regularly may collectively cross their fingers that there is some benefit to the additional alcohol. While some suggest that wine can benefit certain people, the overall message from experts is that the key is moderation, shares Everyday Health.

According to WebMD, resveratrol is a plant micronutrient with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can protect the human body from debilitating diseases and illnesses. It is found in grapes and berries, and high amounts exist in red wine. But despite the benefits of the polyphenols in your pinot noir, many doctors say that drinking red wine to increase longevity is an unproven theory that should not be depended on. People concerned with cardiovascular health might benefit from a glass of red wine, but a person with cancer in their family history may want to abstain entirely (per Global News).

Again, moderation is key, and most centenarians who swear by their daily red wine note that they only enjoy one glass. To reduce the harmful effects of drinking alcohol, the CDC recommends that men limit their intake to two drinks and women keep it at one. The benefits of drinking a daily glass of red wine are up for debate, but for folks celebrating a century of life, we say pop that cork.