Trader Joe's New Chocolate Crepe Wafer Cookies Are Getting Rave Reviews

Avid Trader Joe's fans already know that the budget-friendly grocery store is constantly turning out eye-catching products, but the latest one hitting the shelves with amazing reviews is actually a new spin on an existing product. Trader Joe's new French Chocolate Crepe Wafer Cookies are a spin on the Cocoa Almond Crepe Wafer Cookies that you might have seen at your local store. Blogger Daily Waffle grabbed a box of the new chocolate crepe wafer cookies and described them as being, "even thinner and crispier than the plain crepe wafer cookies. Also less buttery and sweet."

Trader Joe's Instagram fan account, Trader Joe's List, shared photos of the new cookies on February 24 and within a day the post garnered more than 9,400 likes. The caption reads, "Let's call these incredible! They are a delicate, flakey wafer enrobed in rich creamy milk chocolate. It's nearly impossible to just have 1! Take your taste buds on a Parisian adventure and enjoy these cookies one by one!"

What other fans of the new cookies are saying

But it might have be fans' responses to the new product, shared by Trader Joe's List, where the most hype lies. One cookie enthusiast responded saying, "I tried them yesterday ... they're already gone!! So tasty," while another person commented, "These are soooooooooooooooo amazing! [Ate] the whole box in one sitting!" Another review described the new cookies as reminding them "of the bottom of an ice cream cone (in the best way!!)" Of course, a ton of other Trader Joe's shoppers were quick to respond to the post to declare just how amazing these cookies are or how badly they want to try them. 

So if you're searching for a cookie to satisfy your sweet tooth, these Instagram reviewers clearly think Trader Joe's new chocolate crepe wafer cookies are worth a try. And if you can't get your regular order of Girl Scout cookies this year, you might need to start searching for some substitutions.