Supply Chain Issues Are Causing Girl Scout Cookie Fans In LA To Suffer

As supply chain issues continue to plague industries and resources of all kinds, one of the most upsetting disturbances might be to Girl Scout cookie season. While you will likely see signs popping up in your area advertising the cookie sale or even a stand with ranks of Daisies, Brownies, or Juniors selling the sweet treats, you might not find your favorites on hand. As it turns out, the supply chain issues have impact not only the cookie selection in Washington, D.C., but in LA county too (via ABC 7).

Apparently, those looking for S'mores or Samoas in the LA area might not be able to get them. Due to the supply chain issues, both are in short supply. Though there are still limited boxes of Samoas available, LA fans can no longer order S'mores cookies online, according to ABC 7. The organization doesn't have a clear idea of when it might get more of these two types of cookies, and it is asking scouts not to collect more boxes than absolutely necessary.

Use this tool to find Girl Scout cookies near you

With so much confusion and upheaval over the delicious cookies, you might find yourself wondering just what is actually available to your in your area. Fortunately, there are several ways you can locate and determine just what kind of cookies you can expect to find, according to the Girl Scout website. Cookie fans can use their ZIP code to find local booths, order from a specific scout in the Cookie Finder app, or text "Cookies" to 59618. You can even get in touch with your local Girl Scout troop to learn whether or not you can order online with the digital cookie platform.

With 12 different cookies to choose from this year (including classics and the new Adventurefuls caramel-brownie flavor) annual Girl Scout cookie buyers should still be able to find their favorites. Though you might not be able to get enough boxes to freeze for summer, with patience and a little extra homework, fans can likely find the cookie of their choice.