You Should Never Put Beer In The Freezer. Here's Why

If you like to drink beer, chances are you also prefer to consume it while it's cold. Whether it be served from the tap in a frosty glass, or straight out of the can at a summer barbecue, there's just something so satisfying about ice cold beer. While it might be a common practice to flash chill room temperature beer in the freezer before taking a swig, according to product review site Reviewed, it's not the best idea.

Unlike other alcoholic drinks, specifically ones that are 70-proof or higher, beer will actually solidify and potentially explode when frozen for too long. And unfortunately, even if you plan to leave your beer in the freezer only until it's perfectly chilled, it'll still be affected in more ways than just temperature. Per Reviewed, freezing beer can alter the proteins in the beverage, as well as the level of carbonation. Further, as discussed by the American Homebrewers Association, freezing beer will weaken the beer's yeast cells and even possibly kill them. That means freezing beer isn't ideal if you want to enjoy it to its fullest potential.

A taste test by the Beer Syndicate found that panelists were able to identify the beer that was frozen and then thawed 75% of the time, with the testers describing the frozen beers as "slightly less carbonated."

There's such a thing as beer that's too cold

You might assume that the colder the beer, the better it'll taste, but according to VinePair, it can have the opposite effect instead. When beer is too cold or borderline frozen, it loses its integrity. Sure, it'll be refreshing at first sip, but you'll completely miss out on the complexity of its flavors and aromatics. As Bluejacket Brewery's beer director Greg Engert told VinePair, "It's a delicate balancing act, since going too warm will rob some craft beers of their sparkle, and the refreshing qualities they too can provide in congress with their flavor profiles."

The good news is, as long as it hasn't exploded, you can still salvage your beer if you accidentally let it sit in the freezer for too long. Per The Takeout, just make sure you let it thaw all the way to avoid "chill haze," which occurs when the proteins in the beer separate and bind to each other, resulting in a beer full of floaters. Of course if you just avoid putting your beer in the freezer altogether, it'll save you more time in the long run.