Here's Why Most Bacon Bits Are Actually Vegan

If you've never taken a close look at some of your favorite products, you might be surprised to find out that they're vegan. While some might not actually be as vegan as you think, some, like imitation bacon bits, are completely vegan. As it turns out, many bacon bits are actually made with soy instead of any kind of animal product. But vegans do still need to read the label to ensure the brand they've picked up is truly vegan. 

According to MyRecipes, McCormick's is one such vegan version. Its Bac'n Pieces are actually just textured and flavored soy flour. The soy flour is combined with canola oil, artificial colors, artificial maple syrup, and other ingredients that thicken and preserve the imitation bacon bits. Not to mention, the brand adds flavorings to achieve the distinctly deeper salty flavor. But McCormick's is not the only brand to make vegan bacon bits.

These brands are also vegan

While you'll want to avoid Hormel's bacon bits if you are vegan or vegetarian, according to MyRecipes, there are other options in addition to McCormick's Bac'n Pieces. Living My Vegan Life points out that vegans in search of vegan bacon bits can also pick up a bottle of It's Delish Imitation Bacon Bits, Frontier Co-Op Bac'uns Vegetarian Bits, Cool Foods Veggie Bacon Hickory Style, and/or Badia Bacon Bits Imitation the next time they're at the grocery store.

Though vegan bacon bits are great for things like topping salads, soups, baked potatoes, and cheesy fries, there are other vegan bacon-flavored products out there that those following a meat- and dairy-free diet can indulge in, too. Per PETA, Kettle Brand's Maple Bacon potato chips are totally vegan. Even 7-Eleven's Maple Bacon Kettle chips are OK for vegans to try. You can even buy Magic Vegan Bacon Grease for some bacon-flavored fat. So, the next time you breeze past a bacon-flavored product in the store, thinking that it couldn't possibly be vegan — double-check the ingredients list. The brand just might be, and if it isn't vegan, you have options to swap in instead.