12 Popular Tea Brands With Compostable Bags

For a cup of good cheer, tea is just the ticket. With flavors from floral to fruity, varying levels of caffeine, and benefits from stress relief to consistent energy, there's a brew for any palate. If a mid-afternoon tea break is already a frequent occurrence in your home, you may find yourself with a growing mound of used teabags in your trashcan — and a growing guilty conscience. 

Reducing your waste means you're part of the solution and not part of the problem. Going zero-waste is obviously the ideal option, but for most people, making small changes is more feasible; and anything helps. 

Composting is an extremely easy way to get rid of food scraps instead of tossing them in your trash can, allowing natural products to return to their source. And luckily for tea lovers, some teabags are manufactured to break down in the compost and consequently go easy on the earth. 

If you're a composter or thinking of becoming one, choosing brands that make an effort to do their part is likely important to you. This list provides you with a dozen delicious options to reach for on your next grocery run.

Bigelow Tea

Undoubtedly one of the most recognizable teas on the market, just about every local grocery store keeps plenty of Bigelow varieties in stock. It's the go-to choice for many customers who toss a box of their regular brew into their carts on a weekly basis. The company boasts a wide array of flavors ranging from a classic English Breakfast to their Bigelow Benefits line, a collection of blends cultivated for their healing properties. That's not all, though; the brand prides itself on its eco-friendly efforts that go far beyond simply creating compostable teabags.

Check out their cleverly-named "SustainbiliTea" initiative for all the details. Bigelow has been committed to "making a difference" since its founding in 1945 and continues to keep its promise with 100% green packaging, zero-waste, and completely compostable teabags — string, tag, and all. This is a brand you can feel wholly good about supporting.

Recommended Picks: Constant Comment, a rich black tea with savory notes of citrus and spice; Cozy Chamomile, perfect for creating those calming evening vibes; Mint Medley, a tried-and-true refresher.

Art of Tea

Art of Tea is making a splash and, like Bigelow, makes good use of the puns with a wonderful "CommuniTEA."

The Art of Tea knows that looseleaf is probably the simplest way to be eco-conscious, but practically speaking, consumers often prefer the convenience of an individual teabag. With that in mind, but also mindful of its sustainability goals, Art of Tea crafted a sachet that contains no microplastics and is completely compostable. The site also encourages customers to look into composting if they haven't already implemented this important routine, offering insights on how best to begin.

(And even without all the positive sustainability practices, we have to admire the company's stunning products. With clean, streamlined packaging, an elegant logo, and trendy color palettes, this is a tea to display on your counter.)

Recommended Picks: Matcha Cocoa, a creamy and energizing mix; Blue Pineapple, a bright and sea-breezy blend that will whisk you away to a warmer locale; Sencha Clementine, a zesty pick-me-up.

Celestial Seasonings

Celestial Seasonings coaxes customers to give it a sip with intricate and "iconic" artwork. Its story began with the founder, Mo Siegel, hand-picking wild herbs and concocting a blend that he packaged in hand-sewn muslin packets back in 1969. This exemplary attention to detail carried over through the years and remains clear in the brand's work today. It carefully sources from around the world and takes a praiseworthy stand on important environmental issues.

Celestial named its sustainability story "Blended With Care: From Seed to Sip", and while its teabags are no longer made from hand-sewn muslin, they still have that detailed touch; now made from natural fibers and without any tags or other superfluous materials, the company professes to saving 3.5 million pounds of waste from entering landfills every single year.

Recommended Picks: Sleepytime, the recognizable, soothing mix of spearmint, chamomile, and lemongrass perfect for — you guessed it — bedtime; Bengal Spice, a unique caffeine-free chai-style herbal option; Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride, a sweet treat when Christmas comes around that seriously does taste like your favorite seasonal cutouts.

PG Tips

This classy and classic British brand is the only way to go for many diehard tea lovers. PG Tips was born in 1869 (making it one of the oldest on our list) when Arthur Brooke opened his shop in Manchester and began offering high-quality teas. As the company developed and expanded, it kept the customer's interests always in mind. Now, naturally, more and more tea drinkers are tuned in to the environment, so PG Tips was happy to oblige.

The brand makes its groundbreaking pyramid-shaped teabags suitable for food waste bins or compost bins (though the latter will take a little longer to break down). PG Tips merrily assure you that the cycle is a homecoming; since the leaves were harvested from nature, when composted, they are able to go right back to where they came from. Just check out this handy guide to disposing of its teabags to learn everything you need to know.

Recommended Picks: Extra Strong, a stolid, solidly British choice if you're looking to kick your coffee habit and choose tea instead; Gold, the self-proclaimed best-quality blend of African, Ceylon, and Assam; Original, because sometimes all you really want is the tea you know and love.

Fortnum & Mason

You might have heard of Fortnum & Mason. Serving up far more than just tea, the company has been an emblem of sophistication for over 300 years. Along with its famous line of hot beverages, Fortnum & Mason offers gifts, homeware, and biscuits to dunk in its tea. For the full experience, you can enjoy the meal of your dreams alongside your perfect cuppa at the Piccadilly food hall in London, England. But just because the name is an established one does not mean the company is behind the times.

Fortnum & Mason has four foundational pillars: people, product, packaging, and planet. The teabags are both plastic-free and compostable, and when returned to nature, the tea itself serves as a "nitrogen-rich soil fertilizer." These benefits, plus the aromatic product and gorgeous (recyclable) packaging makes it a triple-threat tea.

Recommend Picks: Afternoon Blend, a light yet complex brew; Smoky Earl Grey, an intriguing twist on a popular favorite; Green Tea with Elderflower, which will be the perfect floral accompaniment to rising spring temperatures.

David's Tea Garden-To-Cup Subscription

Subscription boxes are becoming very popular, and it's easy to see why. People need fewer and fewer reasons to avoid the grocery store these days. Plus, there is the set-it-and-forget-it logic; you save valuable mental space when a package magically appears at your doorstep at a regularly scheduled time without any effort on your part. Lastly, you have access to more options online than whatever happens to be available on the shelves.

With David's Tea, subscription boxes can also the perfect solution for the environment. Single-origin teas sourced by experts and harvested from around the world arrive not only with compostable teabags but a compostable mailer with the Garden-to-Cup subscription. Feel extra good about your convenient choice knowing that it's also the right choice for the planet. Lastly, the tea is, of course, delicious.

Recommend Picks: Forever Nuts, featuring almond, apple, cinnamon, and a gorgeous pink hue when brewed; Hot Chocolate, because a crossover this decadent is impossibly irresistible; Cardamom French Toast, which marvelously captures all the elements of a brunch favorite and will create a most tantalizing aroma before you even take your first sip.

Luzianne Tea

All the way back in the stone age of 2012, Luzianne proclaimed on Twitter (yes, Twitter existed in 2012) that its teabags are compostable. Considering the fact that many competitors still haven't gotten the environmental memo, this early accomplishment is no small feat.

You can always drink the tea when piping hot, but how don't forget about its super-chill cousin; Luzianne is renowned for its piquant flavor when served over ice. A southern staple, Luzianne iced tea was cultivated lovingly in 1902 by founder William B. Reily. The website offers countless recipes, tips, and tricks for brewing your perfect cup. If you're making a pitcher of refreshing iced tea for a crowd, you'll likely end up using quite a few teabags; thank goodness they're compostable, right? Just remove the string and staple after they've cooled down.

Recommend Picks: Luzianne Iced Tea, the original classic that gives you that authentic southern comfort; Iced Sweet Tea, when you need to treat yourself just a little bit; Cold Brew Iced Tea, which is the most convenient method of all since you can simply dunk you teabag right into your cup of ice water.

Big Heart Tea

Big Heart Tea is relatively youthful compared to other brands on our list, having begun in 2012 when Lisa Govro, "fell in love with the healing power of turmeric." Govro became the founder of some "Seriously, Happy Matcha," and committed to "making really good tasting tea that's really, really good for you." Big Heart Tea also happens to be really, really good for the earth

The single-origin tea is sourced directly from farms worldwide, and the teabags contain no plastics, making them suitable for your compost bins. The company does not shy away from proudly displaying its mission, values, and humane practices. With blends named "Cup of Sunshine," "Fake Coffee" and "Blue Lullaby," among others, every facet of the brand stays true to its merry moniker.

Recommend Picks: Rosy & Bright, a delightfully pink-toned combination of rose and hibiscus; Cup of Love, a heartwarming, nurturing brew; Royal Treatment, with notes of lavender, chamomile, and other soothing aromatics.

Traditional Medicinals

A common sight in many grocery stores, this tea brand is positively blooming with plant power. Traditional Medicinals stays true to its roots and holds itself to high standards when it comes to taste quality, wellness bonuses, and ever-evolving sustainability measures. The company shares in its FAQ section that it uses compostable, Non-GMO teabags treated with an "environmentally-friendly, nontoxic cleaning process that is free of bleach and other harmful chemicals;" because if a piping hot beverage is chock-full of health benefits, the process to get it to you should be, too.

The bags themselves are constructed from sustainably harvested abacá as well as other natural materials, and therefore each one breaks down seamlessly in the compost. Traditional Medicinals' teas are cultivated for improved digestion, calm, respiratory health, and so much more, so they warm the soul seamlessly, too.

Recommend Picks: Organic Ginger Aid, guaranteed to settle your stomach better than any soda could ever hope to; Organic Fennel, boasting intriguing licorice notes brought to you from small farms in Bulgaria; Organic Herbal Cold Care, for a natural way to soothe your cough and help you sleep when under the weather.


No unpleasant chemicals or microplastics are stashed (pun intended) in these teabags. The filter paper used by Stash is made from 100% cellulose fibers, folded over itself in an ingenious way that renders glue, staples, or any other materials unnecessary to hold the precious contents within. And it's not just the teabags you can feel confident in; every element that steeps in your cup is Non-GMO Project Verified and compostable.

With over 150 flavorings, there's something here for everyone. Additionally, the teas are free from any allergens including soy, wheat, and even tree nuts, and all ingredients are carefully grown without any pesticides. So know that when you're admiring the lovely logo and myriad of options, you are also admiring one of the best brands for the environment.

Recommend Picks: Christmas in Paris, an absolutely delightful herbal blend that somehow incorporates just about every favorite festive sensation imaginable, from fresh mint to rich chocolate to smooth vanilla to floral lavender; Blueberry Superfruit Herbal, for a zesty and flavorful boost; Double Spice Chai, a spiced blend to really wake you up.

Numi Tea

Numi teas are, quite literally, steeped in tradition. The company derives its name from the dried desert lime founders Ahmed Rahim and Reem Hassani used to steep and sip in Baghdad, Iraq, as young children. Though the children grew, and with them the varieties of tea, the traditional practices remain. All products are certified organic and Numi adamantly ensures that it harvests all teas with fair labor practices for the contributing farmers. Gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher, halal — as one can see, this company takes care of it all.

The teabags are completely compostable and made out of recycled materials, even the wrappers are compostable, an extra step that some brands ignore. While Numi works hard to keep up with the latest and greatest environmental practices, the recipes remain unchanged since its founding in 1999. The company has also made efforts to support communities impacted by COVID-19.

Recommend Picks: Matcha Toasted Rice, a uniquely complex blend with a layered and savory mouthfeel; Tulsi, an energizing concoction made with licorice, ashwagandha, turmeric, maca, and chamomile to promote both calm and vitality; Turmeric Golden Tonic, exactly what a cold grey day needs for rejuvenation and productivity.

The Republic of Tea

If you're looking to really do your research, The Republic of Tea has a whole page full of educational resources on how to compost tea leaves. The learning doesn't stop there, though; you can check out its Tea RecipesTea News, and everything you need to know about the philanthropy that The Republic of Tea commits to without compromise. It lets you know that composting, or even adding the tea leaves directly to your garden outside, is not only a green way to dispose of your "waste" but also a way to improve the health of your plants.

(Fun fact: you're also creating a better environment for your neighborhood earthworms when giving them the used contents of your cup. You likely hadn't thought much about how your tea habit impacts the habitats of the earth's creatures.)

Recommend Picks: Watermelon Mint Black Iced Tea, about as refreshing as a tea can be; Banana Chocolate, reminiscent of childhood dessert and sweet as a classic cream pie; Decaf Mango Ceylon Black Tea, a blend that manages to somehow do it all while holding back any unwanted jitters, filling you taste buds with tropical fruit and providing a robust drinking experience that will steel for you whatever comes next.