M&M's Crispy New Easter Flavor Is Inspired By This Classic Treat

Even if you're past the age of going on egg hunts, sitting on the Easter bunny's lap, and getting Easter baskets, there's no reason you can't share in the indulgence of the seasonal candy. After all, chocolate bunnies, marshmallow Peeps, and Cadbury creme eggs are only here once a year, so you may as well enjoy them. There are plenty of traditional favorites to look forward to, but if you're looking for something new to satisfy your sweet tooth, M&M's has some news.

Every year you can count on finding pastel-colored or egg-shaped M&M's, but this season, the brand is introducing a whole new flavor: milk chocolate honey graham. The new product is already featured on theĀ M&M's website, and (judging from the packaging, plus the name) is inspired by the classic chocolate covered treat. Each bag contains an assortment of M&M's in shades of yellow and brown.

What do honey graham M&M's taste like?

Unlike pretzel M&M's and peanut M&M's, honey graham M&M's don't actually contain any graham crackers. Instead, according to M&M's product listing, they feature a "crisp rice center covered in honey graham flavored milk chocolate." This makes the new flavor similar to the seasonal Christmas sugar cookie M&M's, which follows the same formula. The nutrition facts on the honey graham M&M's label doesn't specifically name honey as one of the ingredients, but it does say it contains artificial and natural flavors. Regardless of whether the honey is real or not, they're probably worth trying if you're a fan of graham crackers and chocolate.

The new milk chocolate honey graham cracker M&M's flavor is available online now, sold in 8 ounce bags as 1, 6, and 12 packs. The festive new treat will run you between $3.99 and $39.99 before shipping, depending on how many packs you purchase. Some fans on Instagram have already spotted the seasonal candy, though in the comments others shared their local stores did not yet carry the new M&M's flavor.