Everything You Need To Know About The New José Andrés Documentary

Fans of chef José Andrés likely know that he has been pretty busy these days. The highly lauded chef has not only been recently recognized by and received one of the highest honors the Smithsonian could give, but he also has a new documentary coming out, "We Feed People," which is directed by Ron Howard and set to debut at SXSW this spring.

Though culinary documentaries seem to be on the rise (with "Roadrunner," "Julia," and "Wolfgang" all debuting within the last year) the upcoming film about chef Andrés will undoubtedly be different. Chef Andrés seeks to educate people of all ages and backgrounds on how to use food better for themselves and the world. He discussed the huge issue of food waste and how to combat that in an interview with Mashed, sharing recipes to encourage people to make the most of what they already have at home. Andrés is also a vocal advocate for learning about new foods and recipes, which he taught children in his appearance on the Netflix show "Waffles + Mochi."

When you can view "We Feed People"

What seems to really set this documentary apart from other recent chef-focused films is that it is not about the life of Andrés, but rather the non-profit he founded, World Central Kitchen (via Eater). World Central Kitchen provides immediate relief to those who have survived natural disasters with hot meals, beginning in 2010 with the massive earthquake in Haiti. Not only does the non-profit provide much-needed resources, but it also provides a source of long-term recovery by hiring and sourcing food to prepare locally.

The film, "We Feed People," is slated to be shown at South by Southwest on March 19 at 3:30 p.m., while those staying home for the hybrid festival can stream it starting at 9:00 a.m. the next day (March 20). Online registration for the film festival costs $459, while an in-person pass ranges from $575 for education professionals to $1675 for a Platinum Badge.